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Strategy is very important, especially for fans of The Creative Assembly is a company that company. With the highly acclaimed Total War series on the companies we talked with the new Shogun 2 games. Published our preliminary review of the game takes us back to the Japanese history can be found here.

Question: Total War strategy games lovers in Turkey by being followed with great curiosity. In this context, do you think about Turkish language support?

The Creative Assembly: we found the most interesting periods of history, we can do and want to create the best game there is much to be done to choose from. I can not ignore the content of a future Turkish. Remember the Empire'daki Osmanlı'ları earlier positive responses.

Question: did you get back to the history of the Japanese Shogun 2. What is the biggest factor in east yönelmedeki leave the West again?

The Creative Assembly: a very good opportunity to return to our roots. Shogun: Total War'un first started and was the place. He returned and since then we have developed new technologies to add to the game was very attractive. Many people played a team with our initial Shogun'u and The Creative Assembly, so loved and participated in working on this project.

Question: We have not had in previous Total War games, the blood component. Age limit is a factor, of course, but to increase the realism of the blood effects, using the optional use or do you think?

The Creative Assembly: No. To include the effect of blood under the age limit at which 16 are yükseltir.Yaşı and Game, the game is such a thing as a result have many hayranımız. We think that the experience of the game without blood is also very good. Thousands of attacking each other samurai looks more impressive in itself.

Question: Bow and arrow points discussed in one of the animations of the game. Last spring animations videos see improved. So we could see the arrows on the battlefield?

The Creative Assembly: Yes, absolutely, archers have worked hard to code-not animation, just ok, shooters fire thrown to the floor, wall, or sticking to the enemy's face, before going the way of leaving a trace. The number of arrows will appear in the game will depend on the system properties and settings.

We can not ignore the content of a future Turkish. Remember the Empire'daki Osmanlı'ları earlier positive responses.

Question: the old games of the series there were diplomats. Total War: Shogun 2, Is this property will take place again?

The Creative Assembly: Not exactly. Diplomacy system so that the center received a single touch of a button, the clan to another to initiate negotiations. Here you have a point, you'll Person must meet the clan. It rides on the map brings difficulty. Shogun 2, is very important to adhere to the agreements, that hold the promise or agreement or the results be ready until the end.

BCS: Internal revolts have some doubts about the players. The new game will be included in the internal uprisings? What are the differences would be like?

The Creative Assembly: If you are asking about the problems of the people, yes. Population will expand when new places and have to satisfy the otherwise because of the riots and rebels of the clan may be missing.

Question: the cavalry dispersed a small union of post-war troubles had some old games such as chase falls. What changes in this matter was included in the new game?

The Creative Assembly: Empire and Napoleon games towards the end of "overwhelming influence" had (and you understand the game you'll earn up to stray towards the end of the game to destroy hordes of enemies you've spent). Shogun 2 to renew it. Now, when you hand to Kyoto, ittifaklarınızın is offensive to you, the last part of the game begins. Attackers encounter, increase blood pressure, and the defense of the Kyoto heyecanlanacağınız may have to do to finish the game.

BCS: The speaking of artificial intelligence, Shogun 2 would be the best known of the series. This development in the field of diplomacy or war is in the field will feel a lot more?

The Creative Assembly: You'll feel during the game. Artificial intelligence could do so insidious, cooperative and honest tried to do. In this way, both in battle and a map of the task and the game will be much more difficult to help those who want to strife "Legendary" mode added.

Question: Total War series of games was special in some states. a special game one day look the Ottoman Empire?

The Creative Assembly: the Ottomans, as playable as the union of "Empire: Total War and Napoleon: Total War" also took part in an intensive way. If you think that you need more than that, report to us

BCS: What are the environmental factors affecting the result will be sea battles (Wind, islands, marine discharge, etc.)?

The Creative Assembly: I am glad to ask. Total War games for the first time, land, sea battles were represented. This will present you with some extra conditions. The first one gives you perspective. For trying to conquer the land in the sea that will add a new dimension to the fighting in this war. Secondly, the enemies of the gulf and bays, such as tactical opportunities will lie in wait for the right away.

BCS: What are the plans for Demo? What to include and what will it be?

The Creative Assembly: No, we did not release demo for Shogun 2. Demos released for the previous games, in this context can result for the demo.

Question: Shogun could force more than 2 systems for the benchmark test to run Do you think we think?

The Creative Assembly: Game design, to be sure that we wanted to test as much as possible on the platform. To see how many test systems have provided the game adaptation. As for the game to test their systems for people, in the past did not do such a thing, but we can not ignore such a thing in the future. No one knows this, but currently do not have such a plan. A good thing can be done to test everything to see what it is to take the maximum.

Question: Japanese culture, will pose a problem for foreign players to be?

The Creative Assembly: Well, no. We are here to provide the feelings of the atmosphere of feudal Japan, you have to do is sit back, enjoy. Shogun 2 to prepare the whole series as the most accessible game. War is not just 3 training, including Chosokabe klanını training is in itself a campaign there. In addition, there is no longer in the game any time you can access in-game encyclopedia. So, if you do not know ashigarunuzu or samurayınızı, do not worry, all the answers there. If the time period concerned, this feature is also very good, because this feature will be a very good reference.

Question: Total War series, which will be the next game? Studies have begun?

The Creative Assembly: I can not say anything about it. Currently all our interest shogun 2. After presenting this game on the market can begin to think about the next game.

Question: Commercial, lacking access to resources will be sufficient for an army, and therefore do better?

The Creative Assembly: absolutely will help. Trade is a big part of the shogun 2. Both on land and sea trade routes at will. Make sure the other clans kızdırmadığınızdan during the game, I did it. You do not find a better trading partner.

BCS: What are the plans for the DLC and the additional package?

The Creative Assembly: an announcements about it yet and this issue is not about privacy yeminliyim. The rest, seems to be beyond the shogun 2.

Question: Steam together with the support of the player rankings (Leaderboard) Will there be?

The Creative Assembly: Yes, better than ever for Shogun 2 is a plan to make Leaderboard. Most importantly, the real Shogun will compete with each other to be the best ones in the name of "Shogun Ladder prepare. Be able to access them through the entire game after
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