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This is a TAoW tournament called Alea Iacta Est, "The die is cast". Hosted on this forum by The Art of War clan, featuring a revolutionary ruleset for the 1v1 that is fun, competitive and fair at the same time. This tournament is the epitomy of showcasting a players' skill, are you tired of someone taking Egypt against your Numidia in the first round? No need to worry about it here. Players must have an account present at this forum to participate in this tournament. Players may register their clanmates, but unless the clanmate verifies the registration himself, he will not have a spot reserved.

The 1v1 Tournament consists of a grand total of 16 matchups that cover virtually everything that makes RTW such a diverse game.

Selucids vs Armenia
Armenia vs Pontus
Armenia vs Rome
Selucids vs Pontus
Pontus vs Britons
Britons vs Carthage
Carthage vs Macedon
Scythia vs Armenia
Macedon vs Pontus
Scythia vs Parthia
Britons vs Greece
Pontus vs Carthage
Selucids vs Rome
Selucids vs Macedon
Macedon vs Armenia
Scythia vs Macedon

Money: 15k
Ruleset: CWB
Map: Grassy Flatlands on clear weather, no snow or rain permitted.

All games are to be played in this ruleset and money, except the tiebreaker. Players in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd round play a total of 3 matchups (6 games in total). The player whose name is listed first will choose the first matchup. For example, Player A vs Player B. Player A chooses Pontus vs Carthage and goes Pontus, in the next game Player A must go Carthage and his opponent go Pontus. Then Player B chooses a matchup, Britons vs Greece, and goes Britons, he must then play with Greece the next game. The last matchup is chosen by the player who has lost the last game prior to the final matchup. In the event that the score is 3:3 after playing all the matchups for that round, the players will play a tiebreaker of Rome vs Rome at 15k TWPL, the winner moves on. A certain matchup can only be played once in a round, but it may be played again the next round, and the round after that with no limit.

In case of 32 participants, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds will consist of 3 matchups (6 games), the semifinals (4th round) will consist of 4 matchups, and the grand finale shall have 5 matchups. In the rare event that 64 players are gathered, the 1st and 2nd round will have 2 matchups.

CWB Rules
Max 8 cavalry
Max 2 Horse Archers, Horse Archers count as Cavalry only
Max 6 of the same unit
Max 8 archers
Max 2 beserkers
No artillery or elephants alowed

TWPL Rules (for tiebreaker only)
Max 6 cavalry
Max 2 Horse Archers, count as cavalry and archers
Max 6 of the same unit
Max 6 archers
No artillery or elephants

Should a game crash at the beginning the players must play the game with the same armies. If a game should crash after the armies have engaged, save the replay and submit it to the administration for review.

i would love to invite BIA clan fot this tournement ...see u around guys ...regards TAOW AHY


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Thank you for invitation.
I think our still playing guys will try to participate.


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Стрим финала этого турнира, сейчас


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да шо вы говорите)
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