Stainless Steel 6.4 Submod - Battle of the Balitc 2.0


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Stainless Steel 6.4 Submod - Battle of the Balitc 2.0

Installation Instructions

  • Install Stainless Steel 6.4.
  • Install Battle for the Baltic 2.0. Make sure to point the installer at the folder where SS6.4 is installed.
  • Run SS_Setup.exe.

If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, please turn UAC off. See the Vista FAQ Sticky thread in the main SS forum for details.

Not yet compatible with the following 6.4 submods:

  • Limited Activities Script
  • Assimilation Script
  • Disable RR


New Unit Rosters for Novgorod and Kievan Rus

Using the brilliant work of the Rusichi: Total War team, BftB2 features all new revised unit rosters for the two Rus factions. This means that the two rosters are more similar to each other but more unique in the context of the whole game. Because of Novgorod’s proximity to the west, its roster is geared towards heavy infantry and cavalry. Kievan Rus, being closer and more influenced by the peoples of the steppe, will tend towards infantry and mounted archers.






Again, thank to the Rusichi team, Kievan Rus and Novgorod have all new strat map models for all armies and agents on the map.
From left to right:
Top row: Faction leader, heir, general, captain.
Bottom row: Assassin, princess, diplomat, merchant, spy, bishop and priest.


The Teutonic Order also has new strat and battle models for it’s leaders.

New Faction: Sweden
For the first time in Stainless Steel, BftB2 features the Kingdom of Sweden. Playable in all campaigns, Sweden makes Scandinavia a lot more interesting. Their unit roster centres around strong infantry and archers. Cavalry is rare and weaker than other factions’ mounted troops because the terrain of Scandinavia is unsuitable for cavalry tactics.





Not only does Sweden have unique strat and battle models for it’s leaders, these models will swap between early and late variations at appropriate times.

Sweden shares several units with it's Scandinavian neighbours Denmark and Norway. These units have also been remodelled:



And more :)

Updated Roster for The Teutonic Order

BftB2 includes all the changes to the Order’s roster made by Firebat in the first BftB. In BftB2, the Prussian auxillary units have new skins thanks to MadTAO. Also, Teutonic Sergeants replace Order Spearmen and Diende Brudern replace the Dismounted Halbbruder (and now wield maces).
New late era armour upgrades for Ritterbruder:


New Unit: Reysen Knights

These are knights who have responded to the call to crusade against the pagans of the Baltic. With crusading in the Holy Land getting more and more difficult, it became more and more popular for knights and nobles to fulfill their crusading vows by fighting the enemies of christendom that were closer to home. While not members of the Teutonic Order, they would accompany the Order on it's reysen (raids) into Lithuania. The Order would sometimes even organise reysen especially for notable guests.

New Unit: Strutere
Also known as latrunculi, these prussians were allowed to terrorize the lands of the Order's enemies. They murdered their foes in bath-houses, in bed or at feasts. Because they knew all the secret paths through the dense Baltic forests, they often acted as guides for the Order's reysen (raids) into Lithuanian territory. The fear these marauders cause is almost palpable.

Novgorod Republic Government Traits

Historically, Novgorod was ruled by the Veche council. The Veche was an oligarchic body made up of the landed boyar nobles and the wealthy Novgorodian merchants. Often, the ruling Kynaz of Novgorod would be ejected from his position by the Veche and a new Kynaz would be invited to take his place.

This is now implemented in Battle for the Baltic. Novgorod no longer has a family tree as it only rarely that a son would follow his father as Kynaz. Each general now has a "Veche Approval" trait that shows what the Veche thinks of him. If he performs well and does things the Veche like, his approval will improve. This gives him a greater chance of becoming the next Kynaz. Conversely, if the Veche do not approve of his actions, then there is every likelyhood that he will never be more than a general. The Veche are mostly concerned with security of the Republic and trade. So winning battles, building trade buildings and lowering taxes will win the Veche's approval. Losing battles and setting high taxes will lose approval for that general.

New Feature: Italian Republics
Nothing to do with the Baltic, but the republic government trait system used for Novgorod has been extended to include the other two historical republics in the game: Venice and Genoa. These two factions no longer have family trees and use authority to determine the next heir just like Novgorod.

Updated Russian terrain and settlements in the main Stainless Steel campaigns
The Russian regions on the main SS campaign map have been updated to include more important cities (i.e. Vladimir, Rostov). The famous rivers of Russia are also more prominent now. There is also a new settlement south of Kiev, which no longer controls the land all the way to the Black Sea.



Battle for the Baltic Campaign
Featuring an all new map by EarendilElenthol,BftB2 includes a whole new campaign centering on the Baltic Sea. Included factions are Denmark, HRE, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Teutonic Order, Lithuania, Mongols and Novgorod.


Features of the new campaign:

  • 2 turns per year timescale
  • Limited settlement development. Not all settlements on the map can grow to full size. Some will only ever be villages, others only towns. This has been done to limit the number of sieges and also so that the Baltic doesn’t become one huge sprawling metropolis
  • Town square building. Every settlement on the map has a town square building. To the player it provides no bonuses but it gives the AI boosts to public order and religious conversion. This is so the AI’s settlements don’t rebel every 5 seconds and limits the flood of heretics/witches.
  • Historical figures will come to help the Teutonic Order. Henry Bolingbroke, Jean Boucicaut and John of Bohemia will all lend their swords to the Order’s cause. If they succeed in their missions, they will leave a sizeable donation to the Order. If their mission is a failure, their donation will be smaller or possibly even nothing. Lithuania will get counter missions to kill the crusading nobles.
  • Novgorod now has to deal with Mongol tax collectors
  • Take the battle to the seas! AI factions now spawn fleets.

Improved Hanseatic League
The Hanseatic League is now a proper guild with three distinct levels like all guilds. However unlike other guilds, the League buildings only become available after 1253 (the historical founding of the League).

Updated eastern European portrait selection
Generals for eastern European factions will no longer be wearing full plate armour in their portraits.

Horse texture fix
: Download and unzip this file and place in SS6.3\data\unit_models\mounts\heavy_horse\textures
Swedish Banners fix (courtesy of Jean=A=Luc). Download and unzip this file into SS6.3\data
Early Era Permanent Watchtowers Fix: Download this file into SS6.3\data\campaign\sub\watchtowers



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