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Мод для Total War: Shogun 2 - THE LAST SHOGUNATE

Based on DarthMod

This mod was created to enhance game experience for those who like longer campaigns and realistic battles with a strong economic component where You have to chose your actions wisely to survive.​

  • 12 Turns per year
  • No predefined wars
  • Increased and improved garrisons
  • Rebalance of combat using Darth's physics
    • New Units stats
    • New experience bonus
  • Rebalance of economy system to make it more dynamic
    • Less direct income
    • More indirect income (Town wealth)
    • Enhanced building bonus
    • More building levels
    • Castles have 2 building slots
    • New Tax effects
  • Increased Clan differenciation
  • Included AUM units

Current Version (V0.45):
Beta Version:
  • Increased building cost
  • Revised unit cost (Train and upkeep)
  • Cavalry more vulnerable during prolonged melee
  • Adapted fatigue system for longer melees
  • Removed all starting wars
  • Increased Oda forces (while not human)
  • Decreased archer accuracy (Increased reload speed bonus from experience)
  • New experience levels (fighting a unit with +-1 level will be a close match until high experience levels)
  • No more than 2 experience levesl from buildings
  • Reduced replenish ratio (this together with longer training times will help to avoid steamrolling, taking too much casualties will make an army "useless" for a while)
  • Increased town wealth
  • Decreased trade income
  • Decreased farm income
  • Increased normal, high and very high tax percentage
  • Reworked tax wealth penalties
  • Decreased movement speeds for armies (agents move the same, for now)
  • Added Aum units (still needs work to balance them)
  • Increased differentiation of clan specific units
  • Increased missile units ammo
  • Tweaked morale system (Units have to take too much or too fast casualties to break)
  • Reworked garrison system
    • More units
    • Stronger units (Stats like exp 3 units)
    • More ammo
    • Profesional troops from Dojos

Version 0.15:
  • Revised bushido tech tree, instead of exp bonus from techs We will get:
    • Upkeep bonus
    • Replenish bonus (WIP)
    • Train speed bonus
    • Stat bonus
  • Revised unit stats and cost
  • +35-40 To projectile ranges
  • Increased Oda starting troops
  • Revised tax effects

Version 0.2:

  • Reduced Oda boost army
  • Oda and Tokugawa have now friendly relations, but still neutral status, to help Oda survive longer and focus west
  • Especial units have increased numbers and are a bit easier to train
  • Enhanced building effects
    • Provinces with natural resources will have more benefits than just the resource and its commerce
    • Increased diferences between special buildings upgrades
  • Some minor unit tweaks
  • No more than 1 experience bonus from buildings
  • Included user_script file

Version 0.3:

  • Revised economy (less income growth)
  • More resistance against invasions from conquered forts
  • Included FTMCH retextures
  • Rebalanced some unit stats
  • Wako/Ronin can't be recruited, they will join clans with events

Version 0.4

  • Monk units need more training time (Not as abundant as common peasants)
  • Monk units are more expensive (Battle expertise training)
  • Monk Units have lower upkeep (Fanatics)
  • Included Darth 2.5 chages
  • Lower religion conversion from nanban trade port
  • Lower religion conversion from catholic churchs
  • Added budist osmosis to budhist temple
  • Tweaked some unit stats (mainly aum and ronin units)
  • Samurai archers have less ammo but have better battle skils
  • Reduced matchlock numbers
  • Added some new CAI rules for some minor clans (still testing)
  • Modded events/missions/dilemmas to work with a 12 turns/campaign
  • Added a little money script to help the AI so its develop towns at the begining (Till turn 24)
  • Updated campaign file to latest patch (added a no-starting-wars script)
  • Hopefully fixed Ikko-Ikki not being playable for those with its DLC

Version 0.45

  • Updated ronin dilemmas
    • Included Bow and Naginata ronin
    • Increased chances of Ronin dilemmas
  • Included Freelancer Hero dilemmas
    • You can Hire Bow, Yari, Katana and Monk Heros via events
  • Included new weather events
    • Dry Summer
    • Blooming spring
    • Soft Autumn
    • More to come
  • Added special Naginata Samurai unit for Mori clan

Installation guide:
Unrar .pack file into game data folder
Copy user_script file into %appdata%\The Creative Assembly\Shogun2\scripts folder.

I would like to thank Darth and his team for improving our game experience and to allow me to use his work as a basis of mine.

FTMCH for its wonderful textures and T.C. for his invaluable help with scripting stuff

And aslo I would like to thank all those who have created the tools, that give us the chance to improve and enjoy this game.

Certified DarthMod Submod The Last Shogunate is based on DarthMod: Shogun II
The Last Shogunate uses ADDITIONAL UNITS MOD

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