Модификация Rome: Total War - Diadochi Total War


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Модификация Rome: Total War - Diadochi Total War

В моде Diadochi Total War, в отличие от оригинального XGM и ванильного RTW - особое внимание уделено греческим фракциям.
Авторы мода Diadochi Total War заявляют, что мод более исторически достоверен и с улучшенным геймплеем.
Основное внимание уделено "фаланге".

Major changes in Diadochi - TW: v1.20 Full

Unit Changes
-) New aor units: Eastern Spearmen Archers, Iberian Infantry, Iberian Cavalry, Indian Cavalry, Italian Velites, Tarantine Cavalry, Nubian Spearmen, Nubian Cavalry, Ethiopian Axemen, Barbarian Archers, Eastern Archers
-) All units now have sprites
-) Bactria can now recruit Archers, Slingers and Thureophoroi
-) Basilikon Agema use Hypaspist model instead of Thureophoroi
-) Greek Cataphracts now use Hetairoi horsemen and armoured horse
-) Parthian Immortals replaced by Companion Cavalry (elite cataphracts)
-) Changed skin of Spartan Royal Guard, less anachronistic and similar to normal Spartiates

Map Changes
-) Campaign map expanded a little north.
-) Added Red Sea channel.
-) Fixed ground types in North Italy.
-) Four more regions: Dura Europos, Pelusium, Malaca*, Saldae*, Sabratha* (*=removed regions from germania).
-) New eastern and barbarian settlement strat models
-) Patavium now has a port in Pyrrhic Wars campaign.

Building Changes
-) Drilling Fields converted to Local Garrisons.
-) Ports no longer give experience bonus (cause of an evil CTD).
-) New hinterland building, Town Square. It should guarantee recruitment. of basic levy units, to prevent the revolt CTD.

Misc. Changes
-) Fixed barbarian music.
-) Pyrrhus and Decius Mus engage automatically at the start of Pyrrhic Wars campaign.
-) Population growth option during installation works properly and now gives a much more reasonable bonus.

Installing Diadochi - TW v1.20 Full

-) Options
: There are four options included in the 1.2 Full version of DTW:

-) Increased population growth - You should use this if you like to play on 200 unit size. This is to prevent settlements running out of manpower.

-) Reduced AI Experience bonus - AI by default is quite useless, so I've given slight experience bonuses, so they will fare better in battles. Disable those if you want slightly less challenging AI. The experience bonus is not too severe and makes the game more challenging to play.

-) Increase AI Experience bonus - If you're a hardcore veteran who exploits every known AI weakness and wants to give the AI a chance, then this option will give all AI units +5 exp by default. Be prepared for utterly unfair battles for the whole game.

-) 4 Turn per Year - Changes the game from 2 seasons per year to 4 seasons per year. This provides no real difference to gameplay other than less frequent winters.

If you don't like an option you have previously selected, you should reinstall the latest patch or full release, selecting the optional features you want.

-) Installation Directory

By default, the installer will check the registry for an appropriate installation directory, which should be the /Rome - Total War/ folder. If it doesn't, just manually point the installer to the directory where RomeTW.exe is found.
The installer will check whether the directory is correct or not and will prompt for abort if it cannot find RomeTW.exe (incorrect directory).

The installer checks which is the most recent engine (RTW.exe, BI.exe or ALX.exe) you have in your RTW folder, and makes some changes according to the engine. If you have ALX installed but want to play with the BI engine, move the ALX.exe to another folder or rename it, install the mod, and then restore things as they were before.

The mod will be installed in a mod-folder 'DTW'.

Playing Diadochi - TW

-) The Menu

At the start of a campaign, you will have to opportunity to toggle fatigue on/off and also change unit sizes to 25/50/100/200
Under Options -> Game Settings, you can find additional tweaks to adjust for best game experience.
It is also recommended to leave the advisor level at low.

-) Starting a new Campaign

With this release I included 4 independent campaigns. You have the option of selecting from a range of well balanced and fun to play factions. At the start of each game, an advisor will pop up to trigger the Diadochi TW Background script.

The available Campaigns in this release:

Imperial Campaign:
279 - 146 BC
Focus on the Mediterranean and Hellenistic world of warfare. Superbly balanced campaign that provides more fun than it should.


Wars of the Diadochi:
305 - 255 BC
Focus on the Diadochi wars fought against Antigonos the One Eyed. This campaign is not fully balanced, but it still provides an excellent experience.


Pyrrhic Wars: 279 - 146 BC
Focus on Italy and Greece, the Pyrrhic Wars follows the struggles of Pyrrhus of Epirus through various kingdoms. Double sized map, several new settlements added. Even though this campaign hasn't received any balancing, it is still an unique experience and fun to play. Last but not least, Sparta is playable as its own faction in this Campaign.

Sons of Mars: 328 - 282 BC
Focusing on the Latin Wars and the Rise of Rome, this campaign is solely focused on Rome and its rise for power. Unfortunately, this campaign is incomplete, but can be played nevertheless.

Here is a short description of some interesting factions to play with:

The Kingdom of Epirus:
At the start of the campaign the player will instantly step into battle against the might of Rome. The battle of Asculum uses a specially adjusted custom tile to set out the historical battle. Pyrrhus will have to fight uphill against the Roman forces. Victory will not be easy, but in the hands of a skilled general, history can repeat itself once more.


The Republic of Rome:
At the start of the campaign, the player immediately faces the threat of Pyrrhus of Epirus. The battle of Asculum uses a specially adjusted custom tile to set out the historical battle. Even though Romans have the higher ground, Pyrrhus is blessed with the better troops. The outcome of this battle will decide how well the start of your Roman campaign will go. If you loose without making a big difference, you will face loosing a few cities. If you manage to defeat Pyrrhus - a feat only a few veterans on VH/VH have managed, you will find the rest of your conquest much easier to handle.


The People of Aedui:
Gauls are a very fun to play faction. Right from the beginning they are in an interesting position between Rome and other barbarians. This campaign will not be easy, but it will be fun sacking Roman settlements and fighting off other Gallic and Idependent tribes.


The Achaean League:
In the shadow of Antigonos Gonatas of Macedonia, there is Aratus of Sicyon leading a small league that could stop the spread of Macedonian power into Achaia. To achieve this, he must use brute force and skill of arms to defeat both the Spartans and the Macedonians. Historically the League failed against the might of Macedon and even a skilled player might suffocate under the onslaught of Macedonian armies.


The Kingdom of Pergamum:
After the defeat of Lysimachus and the crumbling of his Empire, generals still loyal to his cause managed to hold Pergamum. The Seleucids are preparing for a new attack and only a strong leader can hope to defeat the mighty Seleucid empire. Historically, the Attalids (the Pergamid dynasty) managed conquer half of Asia Minor and allied with Romans against many common enemies such as Macedon and the Seleucids. After defeating Seleucids with the help of Romans, Kingdom of Pergamum fell into decline and passed its territories on to Rome.


League of Greek Cities:
A small band of Greek Cities has formed a League of sorts to fend off powerful new foes and hopefully restore their long lost greatness. This is the classic Greek Cities campaign and is a must play for everyone.


Independent Greek City States:
A faction weakened by centuries of warfare has a chance to restore its power in the mediterranean. Independent Greeks are spread over many lands, making them isolated and easy prey to invading armies. Only a skilled general can test his luck in this campaign where almost everyone are enemies.

-) Campaign, Custom And Multiplayer Battles
When starting a new Custom Battle, you have the option to toggle fatigue on/off and under advanced settings, unit size can be changed to 25/50/100/200.
Most units have been cost balanced resulting in well polished unit rosters, perfect for competitive Multiplayer play.

Every faction except Romans has a cheap levy unit that can be recruited in 0 turns (meaning you can stack 10 of them together in the recruitment pool and get them in 1 turn). This unit, though, is rather useless and poorly armoured. It is good to hold weak points of your line, where you need to keep the enemy busy. If they are faced against regular Heavy Infantry, they will get slaughtered.

Hoplite style units have very high defense in this mod, making them excellent troops to hold the battleline. Their attack though, is relatively weak, this means you will need to deploy excellent cavalry to accompany your Phalanx units, or you will not succeed. Flanking is very important.

Fatigue has been tweaked to reasonable limits, so having fatigue On, is no longer a hindrance, but provides decent realism.

The Greek unit roster has been completely remade, featuring many new excellent units. Kudos to Maraxus for his hard work on this!

-) Features
A number of new features have been added to Diadochi. Here's a description of how to use these new features.

New Wooden Walls: New unique wooden walls are walkable and half the height of Stone Walls. These walls are still fragile and can be knocked down by rams, but provide extra tactics and new possibilities. It will also make defending settlements much more fun.






Colonies and Culture: Each region has its own cultural settings. Initially all cultures are divided to three groups: Western Civilized, Eastern Civilized and Barbarian Customs.
The easiest way to boost the spread of you own culture in any region is to either build Law Temples or bring in Generals with the proper culture trait.
The other way is to establish your own Colonies in the region - this is ultimately essential in any conquered regions. There are four basic groups of colonies: Small Colonies, Large Colonies, Independent Colonies and Native Colonies.
In order to build new faction specific buildings, you need the proper cultural colonies. A Native Settlement can build any factional buildings it has, but Small Colonies can only build basic structures.

Egypt and Thrace are special factions, because they have the ability to choose from 2 cultural paths. Egypt between the native Eastern and the Ptolemaic Western culture, Thrace between the native Barbarian and a Macedonian-like Hellenism. Depending on which culture is chosen and which kind of colonies are built, different units will be available.

Cultural Barracks: With the new implementation of cultural buildings, barracks have been adapted with the new system. There are essentially four groups of cultural barracks and a shared barracks for auxiliary troops:
- Auxiliary Barracks: Train region specific mercenaries and native units.
- Roman Barracks: For Roman factions
- Greek Barracks: For Greek, Bactrian and Egyptian factions
- Eastern Barracks: For Eastern, Carthaginian and Egyptian factions
- Barbarian Barracks: For all Barbarian factions and Thrace

Each Barracks will require the presence of a certain Colony, so if you are playing as Greeks and conquer a barbarian territory, you will need to build Greek Colonies there, or you will not be able to advance the settlement. Building Colonies is easy, but takes time.
Auxiliary Barracks do not require any colonies, but are sometimes useless for there are no native units to train (yet).

There are 5 levels of barracks:
- Militia Barracks: Only Levy units can be trained
- City Barracks: Only City(+Levy) level units can be trained
- Army Barracks: Only Army(+City) level units can be trained
- Royal Barracks: Only Royal(+Army) level units can be trained
- Reform Barracks: Only Royal and Reform units can be trained

Each Barrack system will provide a different array of troops to recruit. Essentially you can have a properly functioning Levy army from the ground up, but its quality will not be as good.
With each level that is added, a different unit roster will be available, with only a small selection of previous level troops. In non-native areas, units will appear 1 level later. For example, a Militia Barracks unit will make its first appearance in City Barracks.

Once you have conquered a region, unless its of the same culture you are in (eg: Greek vs Greek), you will have to build new colonies and new barracks, specific to your culture only.

-) Additional Features
Diadochi - TW features 46 unique music tracks. A complete set of new skies. Beautiful new campaign map textures and completely new battlemap textures.
This alone revives the old RTW engine to a whole new level, not yet seen.

-) Faction Unit Previews

Some miscellaneous units:




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