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Модификация для Total War: Shogun 2: DarthMod: Shogun II V. 3.0

Серия модов от Darth'а продолжает улучшать AI и геймплей игр серии Total War.
Как всегда, основной упор мода сделан на то, чтобы исправить ошибки разработчиков и заменить их реалистичными функциями.

Изменения в версиях DarthMod'а для Total War: Shogun 2:

Version 3.0

  • Melees improved even more by inspiration of the new blood pack. Now you will see more responsive troops to form small groups and to penetrate the enemy formations by creating a nasty blood path.
  • Repaired and updated the Epic Texture Mod of Superghostboy (only available in the DMS launcher).

Version 2.95 DarthMod: Shogun 2

  • The melee system is improved even more. Battles are chaotic, heroic, cinematic, challenging (you should also get better FPS).
  • The overflow of trade income that could occur in some circumstances should now be corrected.
  • No-Dachi Samurai balanced better.
  • Genpei Levy have now higher upkeep cost to compensate their larger numbers.
  • Projectile damage system improved.
  • DMS Launcher changes:
    • Added option to use the very good mod Epic Texture Mod & Performance up to 50 % Version: 5.0 (Finial) which increases perfomance and FPS. It is made by Superghostboy and the button enables the mix of his mini-mods:
      Finial for performance
      Addon Performance fix
      FPS boost up to 50%
    • Added easy options to enable with one click the Default 2X Size units and the Default Normal size settings of the Mod. One of these two options must be used to play Multiplayer with your friends.
    • Now the default unit size is enabled automatically (no longer needed to enable a special unit size option in the game settings).
Version 2.9+
  • Repaired a bug that caused overflow of Trade Income after raiding (Needs testing).

Version 2.9 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Improved the battle animations. (Now the troops will not step back so often and will push forward and knock down more).
  • Removed the collision model "Dynamic Ellipse" and replaced it with "Ellipse". It should have been responsible for FPS decrease. Now the battles look more fluid and the melee much more thrilling.
  • Fine tuned the morale due to the new melee setting.
  • Increased the Genpei ships campaign movement points to encourage AI Naval Invasions and to follow the plain logic that ships should travel faster than the "turtles" (thanks to valky for continuous feedback and help).
  • Replaced the bow model of Ashigaru and Levy with the DarthMod Special weak bow model (to reflect their lack of training...).
  • Cost of Attendants lowered to compensate the increased unit numbers of the Levy.
  • Increased the minor faction base income to make the Genpei small clans valuable allies or worthy enemies. (Affects Sengoku campaign too).
  • Raiding has now much more impact to trade route income.
  • Added uninstall option before installation to prevent conflict of old files with new.

Version 2.85 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • All units adapted to the newest DLC "Rise of the Samurai" and several repairs made that were needed (units_stats_file corrupted, double index entries making buildings not buildable, new projectiles, many new entries in many files added etc.). Also some old settings were removed:
    -Spot distances preserved as they are in vanilla.
    -Yari Ashigaru animation made again vanilla because the previous change (to use only yari) caused lag and spear wall not to work correctly.
  • Several changes in the battle gameplay make battles more intense and difficult for the human player. Watch the melees to be as chaotic and heroic as ever. The new realistic melee system of DarthMod creates extreme charge penetrations, instant unit interactions and 1vs1 confrontation in which the better man prevails. You will not be able to control a unit easily once it is engaged, as it was in real life. The troops are ferociously entering the fray of the battle at every corner and do not hesitate.... in a few words the battles now are cinematic, violent and spectacular to watch but not easy at all to win.
  • Ashigaru and Levy troops have increased size to compensate correctly their lack of fighting ability against samurai and elite troops.
  • Unit untidyness made more realistic and not as razor straight as in vanilla (Improved the previous version).
  • More dynamic morale changes during battles (projectiles and artillery fire affect more, winning or losing a battle make morale to get high or low etc.). The battle can now turn very quickly with decisive tactical manoeuvres and momentums.
  • Daimyo fighting abilities now vary per character (in vanilla all are the same).
  • Ancillaries reworked from scratch. Now they are more useful.
  • Skill points increased from 2 to 3 for Genpei units.
  • Skills for characters have been improved.
  • In Sengoku Campaign, all agents except Ninja and Geisha need now less points to reach a skill level. This was done because they mostly gain level by passive tasks, and this is coming much slower, so Ninja and Geisha with much more star levels could easily eradicate them in late turns.
  • Changes for the Launcher:
    • Ashigaru Boost option removed (It is on by default now)
    • Realm Divide Mild option removed (It is on by default now)
    • Demokritos mod option removed (I was not able to collaborate with the creator: he asked me to frequently request permission everytime he created his ABCD1234 version of his mod.....)
    • Gallus Domesticus Oda-Tokugawa alliance mod updated by me (he is absent a lot of time so I had to do this alone, but full credits go to him for his very good mod)
    • Every other setting is updated as necessary.
Version 2.8+ DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Income Boost option not working fixed.
  • DMS Launcher updates:
    • Demokritos mod updated (thanks Freiherr von Hahl for reminding).
    • JFC unit cards option bug when Demokritos mod was enabled fixed (it would make JFC unit crads to not work). Thanks bender30 for reminding.
    • JFC Unit Cards updated to include the Sengoku DLC Units (Please rep CoconutFred for his work here).
Version 2.8 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • The Realm Divide comes much later (after wide request) and your allies will stick to you because of the positive diplomacy effects I have set for the effect. Unfortunately the remainder clans will still all attack you as this is a hard coded feature of the game.
  • Generals will not start with 2 loyalty but with 3 as previously, however there will be harsher penalties after defeats and alliance dishonours so it will be more difficult to control them.
Version 2.75 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • The Sengoku Jidai DLC is adapted fully to DarthMod (various changes to stats and other projectile related things make the new units more useful according to their type). Also their secondary prerequisites have been changed so that the AI can built more of them and also unit limits have been set. Specifically, the new units remain exclusive to certain factions and need certain dojo buildings but now the secondary prerequisites are:
    • Hand Mortars: Level 4 Castle, Unit Limit 4, MP Unit Limit 3.
    • Mounted Gunners: Level 4 Castle, Unit Limit 6, MP Unit Limit 0.
    • Fire Cavalry: Region Speciality Horses Level 1, Unit Limit 5, MP Unit Limit 4.
    • Heavy Marathon Monks: Level 3 Fortress, Unit Limit 7, MP Unit Limit 4.
    • Missile Bandits: Level 1 Sake Den, Unit Limit 0, MP Unit Limit 0.
    • Daikyu Samurai: Level 1 Region Speciality Craftwork, Unit Limit 0, MP Unit Limit 6.
    • Heavy Gunner: Level 4 Castle, Unit Limit 0, MP Unit Limit 4.
    • Long Yari Ashigaru: Level 3 Fortress, Unit Limit 0, MP Unit Limit 0.
    • Yari Bullet Proof Samurai: Level 2 Armoury, Unit Limit 0, MP Unit Limit 4.
    • Wako Raiders: Level 0 Coastal Village, Unit Limit 0, MP Unit Limit 0.
    In addition, their stats have been changed a lot, for example the Yari Bulletproof Samurai have now armour 10 and not 9 which was the same with Naginata Samurai (They must have the best armour), the Long Yari Ashigaru have big attack and minimal defense to be very good at frontal defense and weak at flanks, Missile Bandits have more ammo than the usual, projectile factors balanced to create more realistic effects for the new gunpowder weapons etc.
  • The melee penetration is fine tuned and now the battles look and feel more real. The unit density values have been altered and the result is that the Yari Ashigaru will fight en mass (as they should be) while other units will fight more independently.
  • Garrisoned units will not have so much zone of control which can cause in some rare occasions a bug that traps units (cannot move/cannot attack).
  • Archers have reduced charge values so that the AI will not prefer them as much to built them in some occasions (Charge values affect CAI recruitment in my mod).
  • No Dachi have more attack strength and a new battle entity model special for them to make them swifter and more agile.
  • Probability to capture artillery is increased a lot.
  • Probability to have wife and children increased.
  • Diplomacy bonus and prestige gained from battles is increased and the penalty after losing a battle is much bigger.
  • Loyalty begins from 2 instead of 3 (so it is more important to monitor your generals).
  • Prestige values changed so that the Realm divide effect will happen sooner but other values should make it milder a lot. The Realm Divide will create a positive diplomacy effect to fine tune the hard coded aggressiveness of other clans after it. The option of DMS launcher to make it milder gives an even bigger positive effect.
  • Lethality factors increased slightly so that the new melee penetration and dynamics are more evident (for example the No-Dachi clear their path inside a unit more easily) and also charges are more decisive, cavalry is not over-enduring and the battles are more difficult for the human player.
  • DMS Launcher Changes: The MP Heavy Settings now enable among others the Oda-Togugawa Allies instead of Oda Boost.
Version 2.7 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • All Ashigaru bows archer units have lower charge value, not higher than 2. All Yari Ashigaru gained charge 3 instead of 1. This not only changes their battle value but the CAI recruitment (as I have set it) because now the AI should not prefer bow ashigaru so much instead of yari ashigaru.
  • Yari ashigaru have more tight formations by default.
  • Yari ashigaru in Ashigaru Boost mode have 1 more deployed rank so as not to stretch too much because of their increased size.
  • Unit formation "untidyness" increased for more realistic visuals and more chaotic melees.
  • Ikko Ikki incite revolt cost halved, so to make it more worthy.
  • Rebellions will be slightly more favoured to happen in a province because of new policing costs and caps.
  • Bow ronin unit values finally "Darthed" and balanced for the mod. Thanks a lot to Jaccez for the feedback.
  • Changes in the DMS launcher:
    • Unit Variety mod fixed to be compatible with Horo Removal mod and to show correctly the recruitment unit card of Loansword ashigaru. The JFC Unit card is loaded together with unit variety mod and the only side effect is that some ashigaru units have vanilla unit cards.
    • Elvasat Mod updated.
Version 2.65 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Turning rate of infantry increased and base density lowered to 1 for all. This creates penetration and chaotic melees to the maximum level possible. The base density column is the next to the left of Anti-Cavalry bonus column in unit_stats_land db file.
  • Battle Auto calculation is improved so that missiles have a more important role: affects castle storming which now has much more casualty cost and battles vs archers. Special balance has been made so missile troops do not have overpowered results in auto calc battles.
  • Traits gained much sooner. (Affects more the idle generals which cannot get bonuses unless they fight battles... wrongly balanced by CA).
  • Ashikaga will do much more balanced army recruiting.
  • Each infantry type will have a distinct melee penetration effect ability creating for example situations were katana break yari ashigaru formation and start to butcher them easily.
  • Some fine tuning in CAI recruitment choices.
  • Experience bonuses per building updated in many cases.
  • Date can build No-Dachi from 1st tier Swordsman Building (to give them the edge they required).
  • DMS Launcher changes:
    • Some script fixes which in rare occasions would cause Multiplayer incompatibility between DarthMod and even Vanilla players.
    • Realm divide option reversed (On enables the mod, off disables it).
    • Elvasat mod updated.
    • Added a new Boost option: Income Boost which is ideal for players who want to play very large battles and are not very good in economics.
    • Added new Multiplayer options. The MP Light Settings are the old Default Settings. The MP Heavy Settings are recommended by me for a very good battle experience. All players must use one of these settings to organise Multiplayer matches with DarthMod.
    • Added at last the famous Unit Variety mod of The Hedge Knight.
      More info about this mod you will find here:
      V.3.05 PATCH -Unit Variety Mod + Light Edition.
      The unit retexture mod and unit card mods are disabled automatically for the player so that the Unit Variety Mod plays without problems.
Version 2.6 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • An urgent update which generally improves CAI and should correct some CAI recruitment choices.
Version 2.55 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • More cinematic havoc, melee penetrations and destructive charges in battles.
  • Yari Ashigaru Shield Wall braking prematurely fixed.
  • Cannons made more powerful.
  • Naval battles improved (turning rates optimized a lot).
  • Trade ships crew lowered (possibly the increased crew made them overpowered in autocalc).
  • AI clans not so unfriendly against the human player and between them.
  • Certain AI clans have been set so that they are more aggressive or defensive, to use funds more military wise or balanced with result Mori, Date, Tokugawa, Uesugi, Shimazu to have more survival possibilities and Takeda to build more balanced armies.
  • Hojo should be more aggressive and build more quality armies.
  • Oda should build more ashigaru.
  • Some new diplomacy settings lower the possibility of illogical break of treaties of the AI.
  • Fatigue affects more the troop abilities during battle.
  • AI should send more trade ships to trade nodes.
  • War negative diplomacy effects will diminish more rapidly and will have a minimum of -60 instead of -80 so that AI will not insist so much for war after many turns of continuous hostilities.
  • Realm divide will come sooner not only because of annexed territories but because of prestige effects
  • -1 attack for light cavalry (because cavalry stable experience bonuses compensate enough).
  • Back stabbing penalty minimized (maybe this fixed the hard coded dishonouring treaties penalties that is applied).
  • Ships will have much more collision strength, especially the heavy ships, so now the ships with large size can curve their paths through enemy ship formations and provoke havoc, as they should do.
  • Sengoku Bune turning rates improved so that they are now much more useful light and medium ship hunters.
  • DMS Launcher changes:
    Oda-Tokugawa Alliance mod of Gallus Domesticus (updated).
    Elvasat's mod(updated).
Version 2.5 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • CAI has less repression bonuses so it can not blitz as easily and cannot overwhelm the human player as decisively. This will make it to leave some units in castles so the human player will have difficulty in attacking the AI as well. Also the Ikko Ikki will have significant disadvantage in conquering different religion provinces but also the advantage of fanatic resistance against those who attack them.
  • Warrior monk Naginata cavalry no longer requires a lot to be built just Ikko Ikki temple tier 3 and above.
  • CAI will not built so many samurai but will also built Ashigaru after middle campaign game.
  • Light cavalry not so strong any more.
  • Mori, Uesugi, and Date clans more defensive, and Tokugawa more aggressive. This should change the campaign balance and the survival ability of these clans.
  • Ashikaga no unit spam mod is less strong (The Ashikaga need more powerful armies).
  • Realm divide effect negated (will be put as an option in the launcher)!
  • Matchlock Samurai can be recruited sooner (Need now "Siege Powder Maker" building).
  • AI should send more trade ships in trade nodes.
  • Many diplomacy changes to calm down the CAI over aggressiveness against the human player after middle turns in the campaign game.
  • The realm divide effect is much softer: initial diplomacy effect is -1 and increased by -1 until it reaches the max=-25.
  • CAI recruitment balanced better than the previous version of the mod (The target is to force AI to recruit more Ashigarus and balanced armies).
  • Imported matchlock ashigaru cheaper (now cost only 450).
  • Changes in the DMS Launcher:
    -Toon Light graphics pack no longer includes the loading screens (shows samurai pictures of ancient, early medieval era).
    -Elvasat mod updated.
    -Replaced the Clan Color Mod of Jane with Alternative Clan Colours - over half of the game's faction uniforms plus the ronin and banners recoloured of Demokritos. It is a quality work and you can use it as an alternative of Unit Retexture mod of Ftmch if you notice fps drop downs.
Version 2.45 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Much better penetration and melee effects (fine tuning of changes made in 2,4 versions).
    Battles should feel even more realistic. The charges will be more effective, melees will not create stagnant fronts but dynamic areas inside-out of the main battle line and many 1vs1 duels. As a result, cavalry charges will be very powerful but will be more vulnerable to prolonged melee.
  • CAI should support with armies their vassals/allies more (Needs testing).
  • New submod updates in DMS launcher:
    Repaired the Clan retexture mod unit icons not showing correctly in some occasions (empty white). I included the CoconutFred's unit icons especially adapted by ToonTotalWar.
Version 2.4 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Events and missions more frequent (needs testing).
  • AI armies with general no longer teleport to human player borders. This was assumed as army spawn (needs testing).
  • Human player AI rivals will no loner get bonuses (Insane Vanilla setting). This caused madness in mid turns to AI clans against the human player who had to straggle against many (needs testing).
  • Ashikaga will no longer spawn too many units. With the Ashikaga Boost on, the Ashikaga will not spawn units at all because they behave as normal major clans. Thanks to The Hedge Knight for the tip.
  • Hattori now built their naginata in 1 turn and not 2, as they build their yari samurai.
  • Imported Matchlock Ashigaru are now much more expensive but have much less upkeep and can be built in zero turns, to be a better recruit option for both the player and AI.
  • The Japanese matchlock Ashigaru are now even more cheaper in cost and upkeep, to encourage the AI to build them more.
  • Warrior monk matchlock men no longer require level 3 siege building. Historically the Ikko Ikki monks favoured guns a lot so this simulates the early usage. The Uesugi warrior monks matchlock men have also this ability.
  • Takeda cavalry are now built in 1 turn instead of 2 to encourage the AI to build them more.
  • The radius of units is increased to lessen the clustering between troops, especially in sieges. This setting makes them slightly more vulnerable to projectiles. Charge and melee penetration is maintained.
  • New submod updates in DMS launcher:
    -Corrected the Oda-Tokugawa allies mod not working.
    -The Oda Boost mod is enhanced. Now Oda and Tokugawa start as friends instead of enemies. The conflicting mods Oda-Tokugawa alliance and Oda boost are disabled automatically according to the one used. Full credits go to Thorn.
    -New Ashigaru Boost option. The Ashigaru have increased size to make the AI recruit more of them and also to be a tougher opponent against the samurai. Thanks to diadok for the feedback.
Version 2.35 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Stand and fight more resilient against cavalry attacks (needs testing because I do not know if it uses square formation values).
  • Ashikaga Boost mod updated (Still needs testing if it works as intented).
  • Tokugawa AI should build more ninja agents.
  • Autocalculation updated:
    To win a battle there is need of higher percentage advantage.
    Naval auto calculation should be improved (needs testing).
  • Updates of the following DMS submods:
    Furinkazan: a comprehensive art rework by Ying, Duke of Qin
    Atmospheric Sounds Mod : Shogun II by pisoiasul
  • New submod added:
    Oda Tokugawa Alliance: an elegant solution for Oda survival by Gallus Domesticus
Version 2.3 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Mangonel trajectory improved and this was done for other projectiles as well.
  • Ship turning rates improved and balanced for successful boarding attacks.
  • The new Ikko Ikki special monk agent gains 3 upgrade options instead of 2 (was done in previous version and was not mentioned).
  • All foot soldiers without spears/naginatas gained +2 anti-cavalry bonus to withstand better the powerful cavalry charges of DarthMod. No-Dachi still have +5 bonus.
  • Melee strength of archers/skirmishers improved because it was too low from vanilla:
    Ashigaru Matchlockmen +1 attack
    Ashigaru bowmen +1 attack
    Samurai bowmen +2 attack
    Samurai matchlock men +1 defence
    Warrior monk bowmen +3 attack
    Warrior monk bowmen +3 defence
  • CAI should built more fortifications than markers (needs testing).
  • Updates of the following DMS submods:
    Clan Retexture Project
    Elvasat's Mods
    by JFC
  • The Oda Boost Mod gives now the Oda enhanced version of Ashigarus.
  • New option in the launcher:
    Ashikaga Boost On/Off = The Shogunate will behave more aggressively in the map and they will try to retain their empire with their own army (Needs testing).
Version 2.25 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Unit recruitment changes balancing the new patch: Ronin troops without unit limit but with even more high cost to make them resemble their "mercenary" character. Warrior nuns have higher cost/upkeep and unit limit 2 instead of 4, so that the CAI will not spam them. Ikko Ikki Warrior Monk hero no longer available to Uesugi.
  • Katana ashigaru now recruitable from Ikko Ikki temples (Vanilla had this disabled).
  • Tokugawa warrior ninjas cheaper to recruit and maintain to help the Tokugawa to build them more as the Hattori.
  • Experience bonuses from buildings reduced a lot (Vanilla had them too high). Now highly experienced troops are derived from the battles and not from the high level buildings. Chosokabe archers and Oda yari ashigaru and matchlock men maintained the previous building bonuses because of historic specialities.
  • Onna Bushi and Warrior nuns use now a new battle entity model. Because they are female they are fast, agile and light but their small mass makes them vulnerable to penetration effects by heavier troops.
  • The diplomacy file renamed to vanilla because, maybe, it was not read well by the game so it was overriden by vanilla. Those who reported weird diplomacy and heavy realm divide effects must test if now it is better.
  • Oda Boost mod gives now +1 yari samurai more, so that Oda have even more possibilities to withstand the other clans attacks in the first turns.
  • Added as an option the beautiful mod Elvasat's Event Minimod v.03 + Portrait Minimod v.04.
Version 2.2 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Archers should be slightly more powerful as requested.
  • Troops react better at first contact creating more lively melees.
  • Mangonels more accurate.
  • Missile troops can defend themselves more effectively (No unit stats changes).
  • Charge bonuses last more.
  • Ikko Ikki warrior monks no longer recruited in 1 turn but 2 so that AI Ikko Ikki do not spam them and become invincible.
  • CAI major clans more expansionists and effective than the minors who are now more defensive but not easy targets at all. This should correct the problem that came with the patch that some major clans fail to expand.
  • CAI eager to cycle war and peace through negotiation procedures.
  • CAI Agents a lot more active.
  • Renamed some CAI related files because there is a possibility that some of their values are overriden by vanilla (for example the Realm Divide Effect does not come sooner).
  • Chosokabe samurai and ashigaru archers slightly more powerful.
  • Katana samurai and hero got a slight +2 anti-cavalry bonus so as not to be so vulnerable to cavalry.
  • Oda yari, bow and matchlock ashigaru require now 0 recruitment points. This will make the Oda capable to raise quickly powerful Ashigaru armies, up to 6 units per turn per castle. (Needs testing if the Oda CAI understands that and can finally survive... new campaign needed for testing).
  • -1 defence for cavalry to balance it against infantry
  • CAI should examine better when to attack a castle.
  • Ship Movement points all 100 because the previous 120 movements points of trade ships may have favoured them too much in autocalculation of battles.
  • New DMS launcher addons:
    Option to enable/disable increased projectile damage.
    Option to enable/disable more starting units for the AI Oda (made by Thorn). This 2.2 version makes the Oda powerful and by enabling this it may make them invincible (have not tested the effects).
    Option to enable/disable ToonTotalWar graphics enhancements (Better looking bows, unit interface, loading screens)

    Many thanks to all the people who have participated in the open beta of this version 2.2 in this thread.
Version 2.15 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Religion spreads with lower rate (from previous version 2.1 this has been done and now it is mentioned).
  • Inserted the updated Atmospheric Sounds Mod : Shogun II (v.1.2 PATCH 5 COMPATIBLE) of pisoiasul.
  • Updated the Clan Retexture Project: ALL playable clans retextured and released! (Updated for latest patch!) of Ftmch. It is now removing effectively the Horo (Thanks to Toon Total War), has some fixed Textures for Hattori (Thanks to Ftmch) and also includes the Less_Gloss Mod of Ftmch.
  • Increased the unit size of some Ikko Ikki units as it has been done from the official patch and made also some other slight adjustments (Thanks to Mr Kami & Radius for the feedback).
  • Projectile Reload rate at walls lowered to realistic rates (it was like ultra-laser repeaters before). Now projectiles can be more effective because their ammo is not wasted so quickly and volleys are better aimed.
  • Administration penalties for human player slightly less in high difficulty rates so to give a better chance to weak players to raise better armies against the efficient CAI.
Version 2.1 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Melee more penetrating. You should witness even more cinematic battles.
  • Some changes in battle entities which also affect slightly the archery damage as requested.
  • Cavalry balanced for new CA patch. (Stat changes and battle entities changes).
  • Projectile damage balanced for new CA patch. (Changes in Kv_rules).
  • The new units of the patch balanced for DarthMod.
  • Morale basis +1. Morale also is affected more when army and unit numbers fall above 50-60%. The new changes in morale create battles which are more dynamic and their outcome is more fragile to timely charges.
  • All the optional graphics&sound submods of DMS updated for the new CA patch.
  • Ronin units are more expensive to build and to upkeep and have limit 4. This will prevent the CAI to spam them and also give their true nature of being something like elite mercenaries.
  • Ashigaru archers more agile.
Version 2.05 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Retinue abilities increased in some occasions that were very low.
  • Some low character abilities increased.
  • Yari Ashigaru fight with their pike and not with their sword.
  • Sengoku Bune cost and upkeep increased because it values more (has large boarding crew) and the CAI preferred it too much due to this.
  • Wako medium Bune gained more crew.
  • A new melee mechanics system which creates more chaos and 1vs1 fightings. The soldiers can penetrate formations in small teams and fight realistically back to back against their enemies. Battles last more and are more enjoying to watch that way. Morale has been tweaked for compensation to the new system.
  • Inserted option of the Sashimono removal mod which is created and first introduced by Radius (compatible version with the latest AUM).
  • Inserted an option to custom edit your mod script.
  • Lowered the diplomacy penalties when not accepting to follow a war or break an alliance (possibly affecting the hard coded diplomacy bug positively).
Version 2.0 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Realm Divide appears sooner (it needs aprox. 13, 14 annexed provinces instead of 18).
  • Mangonels more effective.
  • Cannons more effective by far (vanilla had not enabled explosion effects for them and I enabled them).
  • Increased ammo for cannons and mangonels.
  • Multiple changes to projectiles for realistic trajectory improvements which affect also their lethality.
  • Projectile and artillery shots affect morale more.
  • Fire arrows provoke ignition with more probability (affects naval battles).
  • Ships have gained more crew (This was from 1.95 version as well but not mentioned) and there are some changes affecting their boarding behaviour especially Sengoku Bune.
  • Combat animation mechanics improved together with new combat lethalities making battles more lasting and the visuals more realistic and cinematic.
  • Horse archers can now evade and run away more effectively.
  • War monks have even better physical abilities than before (run and accelerate faster than the average) to help them win their 1vs1 battles more.
  • Cavalry charge penetration enhanced.
  • Several changes to mass and battle models to create more prolonged melees, better battle behaviour of the units, more powerful charges.
  • Uesugi and Ikko-Ikki can now build their warrior monks without the dojos, so that they can finally unleash them sooner.
  • Takeda can build sword cavalry and cavalry archers without the dojos, so that they can build them sooner.
  • Kisho Ninja are cheaper for Hattori so that AI can build more of them.
  • CAI should build more heavy ships and less light and medium ships.
  • +5 Anti-cavalry bonus for the No-Dachi.
  • Mass and radius of ships lowered for better behaviour, ship pushes and less stacking around.
  • Mass, radiuses and some other physics values changed to make melees more realistic.
  • -1 morale for frontal attacks to improve the dynamic morale system. (Ashigaru should waver or get shocked more but not break too soon).
  • New mods for the launcher:
    Clan Retexture Project by Ftmch (Much better unit visuals).
    Furinkazan by Ying, Duke of Qin. (New portraits).
    Better In-Game Encyclopedia Map by ordinary.
Version 1.95 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Infantry deceleration optimized for more human like responses and better battles.
  • Important naval ship tweaks to make the ships more responsive to boarding attacks and to not stuck when too many ships are together.
  • New unit cards by JFC (without the loading screens).
Version 1.9 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • CAI should be more careful, defensive and generally more challenging for the human player (New setting... check if the clans defend better and if Oda is affected positively.)
  • Bowmen and musketmen should be better in fire response.
  • Naval CAI recruitment should be biased more to heavy ships.
  • Economy is more challenging for the human player (Income from trade less because it could get very high, some slight administration penalties per difficulty level).
  • CAI will not be so vulnerable by rebel riots.
  • Each special unit for a clan will have more distinct differences from the average. For example the Uesugi will built far more superior monks and also in less turns and much more cheaper, the same for the siege equipment of the Hojo, the cavalry of the Takeda, the katana of the Shimazu, the No-Dachi of the Date, the ships of the Mori etc. This should encourage CAI to recruit them more.
  • Ships have much more movement points (This should encourage more naval invasions and engagements). Naval zone of control increased to help the interception of the invasions.
  • Land battles morale base reduced -1 for more realistic/challenging battles against AI.
  • The turning rate of ships is higher in zero speeds. This should make them to board more effectively.
  • Melee lasts slightly longer (new setting).
  • Autocalc tougher for the player above hard difficulties, resembling more the losses he should have if he had played the battle.
  • New arrow model special for the ashigaru, to make them fire differently from the elite samurai.
  • Projectile damage fine tuned all around. Musketmen should fire more realistic volleys.
  • Marriage effect slightly more lasting (it was already high enough).
  • Food system identical to vanilla (a slight less food consumption for 3rd level market has been withdrawn). This should prevent greedy players to take advantage of markets.
  • Infantry movements have better reactions/decelerations as requested.
  • Mangonels more accurate (were too inaccurate in previous versions of the mod).
  • Ships boarding actions last longer and sail ships turn faster (There is an official bug that makes them behave weird I think, for example sails do not open according to speed).
  • Minors and rebels should raid more (needs testing).
  • Spotting distances reduced to make hiding more effective.
  • The Uesugi can build naginata monks from level 1 Temple, so they can take advantage of their unique units sooner.
  • New excellent unit cards designed exclusively for DarthMod by JFC. They should be compatible with all extra units of AUM-SHO as well.
Версия 1.0 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Правка BAI для создания более интересных сражений и повышение эффективности войск.
  • Изменения скорости, ускорения, массы и физики юнитов для болбшей реалистичности.
  • Удаление трассеров. В сочетании с пониженной скоростью юнитов, существенное увеличение FPS.
  • Правки параметров и уровней усталости.
  • Повышена мораль для более интенсивных боев.
  • Кавалерийский чардж является более мощным, может длиться дольше в ближнем бою, и более смертельный.
  • Скорость перезарядки башен слегка уменьшен с 4 до 3.
  • Снаряды и стрелы менее точны и менее эффективны против брони, и как правило, являются более реалистичными.
  • Более динамичны настройки дипломатии и отношений между кланами.
  • Улучшенный автоматический расчет сражений.
  • Удаление самых безумных недостатков CAI, и в качестве компенсации, CAI лучше использует систему быбора, чтобы лучше развиваться и координировать параметры атаки/защиты (нуждается в тестировании).
  • Торговля является более прибыльной.
  • Налоговая ставка в провинциях увеличена.
  • Юниты более быстро получают опыт в бою.
  • Очки опыта за апгрейт увеличились с 2 до 3.
  • CAI будет набирать меньше лучников, чем раньше.
  • Нехватка продовольствия сократится путем снижения потребления пищи у некоторых построек.
  • Менее аккуратные построения юнитов.
  • Радиус влияния полководца увеличилось.

Версия 1.1 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Увеличение повреждений от стрел, так как этот параметр был слишком низким.
  • Каваллерия стала быстрее, а также изменены некоторые параметры, влияющие на ее эффективность. Конница Яри, Лучников и Kaтанa будет иметь более широкие различия в физике.
  • Снижение доходов кампании до более надлежащего уровня.
  • Включены "Realm Divide" среди многих других настроек дипломатии.
  • Фракции будут строить еще больше продвинутых юнитов.
  • В версию 1.1 входит мод удаляющий накидки Хоро.

Версия 1.15

  • Увеличение скорости передвижения войск.
  • Снижение параметра усталости для стрельбы/перезарядки.
  • Оптимизирование параметров доходов и продовольствия ( .. нуждается в тестировании).
  • Исправление найма лучников в сторону уменьшения (просьба проверить, CAI сейчас должен формировать более сбалансированные армии).
  • и ... Речь шла о размере. DarthMod всегда предлагал эпическая битвы, но с миниатюрными армии это не может быть сделано. Дарт включил в user.script множитель численности юнитов x2, так что вы сейчас сможете иметь эпические сражения.

Версия 1.2 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Оптимизированный набор юнитов для CAI(меньше лучников, больше самураев)
  • Более точно выверенный уровень повреждений и ущерба от стрел и снарядов.
  • Скорость в рукопашных схватках оптимизированна(как результат - более напряженные бои).
  • Клан Ода может наконец выжить и стать сверхдержавой, благодаря настройке на увеличение доходов по сравнению с ванилой, более сбалансированному набору юнитов и пр. правок.

Версия 1.25 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Уменьшение штрафа к усталости.
  • Улучшенная механика ближнего боя.
  • Множество изменений в CAI: он стал более агрессивным при атаке, более активное участие в морской войне. Таким образом, игра стала более сложной. (Требуется начать новую кампанию, чтобы увидеть новые эффекты, но разница видна мгновенно). Параметры правок основаны на DarthMod для E:TW(DM/DMUC).
  • Улучшенный инсталлятор для отслеживания файлов программы на всех системах.
  • Добавлена ​​возможность игры с юнитами нормальных размеров.

Версия 1.3 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Различные изменения, с целью сделать рукопашные схватки дольше и создать более кинематографическую атмосферу сражений(требует дальнейшего тестирования).
  • Правки в CAI, чтобы сделать AI кланов более эффективными в завоевании провинций и развитии(требует длительного тестирования в компании).
  • CAI будет предпочитаьт строить более продвинутые и прокаченные юниты.
  • Незначительное увеличение некоторых параметров изменений в зависимости от уровеня сложности (сопротивление иностранной оккупации и авторасчет бонусов и штрафов).
  • Потребление продовольствия останется низкой для начальных уровней замка, но становится выше(как в ванили) при дальнейшем апгрейте замка. Это помогает начать развитие фракции, но позже станет сложнее развиваться.

Версия 1.35 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Образование сильных гарнизонов при осадах. AI больше не будет легкой мишенью с незащищенными провинциями и пустыми замками. Это создаст больше сложностей для игрока, когда он столкнется с массовыми армиями кланов управляемых AI, которые будут лучше контролировать больше провинций. Гарнизоны не будут видны в энциклопедии, только в кампании на карте и в бою.
  • Изменен эвент Сёгуна, когда все кланы становятся врагами, сейчас он вызывает умеренно негативное воздействие и постепенно достигает нулевого эффекта через 10 ходов.
  • Потребление продовольствия увеличилась в замках низкого уровня, как эффект для постянного гарнизона.
  • Доход от бонусов в технологии несколько увеличилась (1% был слишком низкок, стал 4%)
  • Небольшие изменения в CAI для обсчета эффекта от нового гарнизона. CAI будет вторгаться с более сильными армиями.

Версия 1.4 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Быстрое обновление гарнизона и его увеличение. У гарнизонов есть сила 5, 7, 9, 11, 14 за тип укрепления, и также даются более специализированные войска. Также дополнительный гарнизон состоит из самураев.
  • Немного увеличено повреждения лучников по броне.Оптимизировано.

Версия 1.45 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Радикальное изменение в проекте,благодаря сообщениям и помощи от пользователей. Лучники наконец-то были сбалансированы окончательно ( конные стрелки тоже подверглись изменению),в общем,они готовы к бою.
  • Авторасчет с большой армией лучников пофиксен,улучшены результаты боя,самураи также были усилены с авторасчете.
  • Наем самураев-лучников пофиксен .Теперь ИИ будет строить довольно жестокие армии.

Версия 1.5 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Стрелки запускают более эффективные сосредоточенные залпы стрел (они стреляли слишком индивидуально).
  • Уровень Исследования увеличился так, чтобы решающие усовершенствования оружия стали доступными раньше, а не так поздно как в ваниле.
  • здания Рынка больше не потребляют, а производят еду (логически). Ряд 1 = 0 Еды, Ряд 2 = 1 Еда, Ряд 3 =1 Еда, Ряд 4 = 2 Еды. Вместе с увеличенным богатством, которое они производят, они - теперь действительно ценные здания и стратегически важные.
  • Множество вспомогательных премий были переделаны, потому что некоторые были нелогично низки и бесполезны.
  • Бонусы министров теперь немного увеличены.
  • Импортированные matchlock ashigaru строятся теперь два хода, стоят только 500 вместо 900 монет, и таким образом, их легко построить.
  • Баллиста теперь доступна с начала (в ряду 1 здание осады), и огненные орудия доступны в ряду 2 здания осады. Это была противоположность. Это должно поощрить ИИ строить это ценное оборудование осады раньше и делать осады более интересными.

Версия 1.55 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Рынки теперь потребляют продовольствие в расчете -1. Кроме того, все порты дают +1 к продовольствию. Это позволит укрепить прибрежные провинции.
  • Перебалансирована эффективность стрел с учетом всех уровней сложности. В легендарной режиме например, они были значительно слабее.
  • Улучшилась точность корабельных орудий, поскольку она была слишком низкой.
  • Увеличилась скорость некоторых юнитов (яри асигару, нагината, самураев), поскольку она была ниже, чем она должна быть.
  • Штраф на сопротивление иностранной оккупации уменьшаются для AI. Максимальным сейчас является -35% (в предыдущем DarthMod он мог достигать -65% в легендарном режиме ).... в ванили было -100% в уровнях повышенной сложности. Это позволит его деференцировать в зависимости от уровня сложности.

Версия 1.6 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Крепость и ее дальнейшие улучшения требуют +1 продовольствия. Это предотвратит большое распространение замков и переизбыток продовольствия.
  • Высокий уровень рынка требует +2 продовольствия вместо +1. Рынок дает слишком много экономических бонусов и должен стоить дороже.
  • Уменьшен штраф для ближнего боя и стрел в лесах.
  • Больше препятствий для CAI в стоимости содержания войск в зависимости от уровня сложности.
  • CAI будет использовать агентов более эффективно.
  • Оптимизация и улучшение баланса найма войск. Великие дома нанимают больше своих сильных юнитов.

Версия 1.65 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Поставка\потребление продовольствия практически как в ваниле(оригинальной версии игры).Порты больше не производят продовольствия.
  • Исправления автобитвы, лучники больше не получают большого преимущества в автобитве.
  • Благодаря разблокировке важного файла лучники наконец стали оптимизированы. Перезарядка быстрее, стреляют кучно и более разнообразно(без автонавода), многое добавлено чтобы сделать их такими как надо.
  • Стрелки с ружьями теперь имеют дальность 120 и урон и физика их оружия сделаны более реалистично.
  • У кавалерии есть бонус к защите +6 чтобы они могли дольше продержаться в ближнем бою и смогли прорваться из битвы без больших потерь.
  • CAI был изменен чтобы нанимать меньше лучников в кампании и продолжал нанимать сильные отряды каждого клана.
  • Скорость поворота и ускорение морских судов уменьшены до более реалистичного уровня. Больше никаких моторных лодок.

Версия 1.7 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Удалены файлы контролирующие найм войск CAI так как они портят общий баланс, судя по вашим отзывам. У меня самого времени тестировать нет. Немного уменьшен урон лучников.

Версия 1.75 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Град стрел более кучный.
  • Ружейный залп более кучный.
  • Увеличено количество денег при грабеже.
  • Начальный капитал для маленьких кланов уменьшен, чтобы дать возможность завоеваний большим кланам.
  • Увеличена стоимость слежения за порядком.
  • Преимущество лучников в автобитве должно быть устранено.
  • CAI более осторожно планирует вторжения. Должен набирать большие армии перед вторжением.
  • CAI должен набирать больше хорошо защищенных отрядов.

Версия 1.8 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Урон от стрел наконец оптимизирован (я уверен).
  • Действия для посадки войск на корабли должны длиться дольше.
  • Доход от налогов должен уменьшиться на 10%. CAI имеет дополнительно меньшую цену на содержание и найм отрядов для компенсации.
  • Кавалерия более выносливая в ближнем бою.
  • Мятежники должны стать более сильными.
  • Преимущество лучников при автобитве наконец устранено.
  • Скорость поворотов и ускорение морских судов уменьшены до более реалистичного уровня.Больше никаких моторных лодок и маневров в стиле НЛО.

Версия 1.85 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Физика полетов снаряда стала лучше и более реалистичная траектория.
  • Скорость судов увеличилась настолько, что они могут сесть эффективно.
  • Боевой дух морского экипажа увеличился.
  • CAI должны теперь лучше выстраивают экономику и агентов (нуждается в тестировании).
  • Характеристики генералов улучшились.
  • Muskets now unleash a devastating wall of lead and have more coherent formations.
  • +5 Увеличение боеприпасов у лучников.
  • Рукопашка теперь более глубокая и насильственная в результате чего более кинематографическая...

Инструкция по установке DarthMod'а для Total War: Shogun 2:

  • Запустите EXE и следуйте инструкциям установки.
  • Модификация DarthMod не влияет на установки основной версии игры, и вы можете использовать его по своему усмотрению в любое время включая и отключая его.

Как играть в DarthMod для Total War: Shogun 2:

  • Запустите ярлык оригинальной версии игры Shogun 2.
  • Самый простой способ понять, что у вас установлен мод, когда увидите, что отключены следы от трассирующих стрел и снарядов.

Установка DarthMod'а для Total War: Shogun 2:
Запустить инсталлятор мода DarthMod: Shogun II и следовать инструкциям.

Для запуска мода DarthMod: Shogun II:
Запустите игру через оф. ярлык Shogun 2

Через launcher:
-Открыть Steam Client
- Нажать PLAY

*Warning* If you decide to disable the mod or play it with normal size, do not forget to go to the graphics settings of the game and change the unit size to something else (normal, ultra etc.) or else it will remain 2x more.

Включить выключить и настроить мод можно через DMS Launcher.

The DMS Launcher allows you to customize your experience with DarthMod by enabling or disabling gameplay features or to add more graphics and sounds modifications made by some of the best modders of the community. All that with a click of a button.







Скачать модификацию DarthMod для Total War: Shogun 2 v3.0

Последнее редактирование модератором:

Чё за хрень!?
в 1.55 с продовольствием нет проблем...
А в 1.65 проблем в два раза больше!

И как мне поступить, если 1.55 мне больше нравится?


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Лео-Лонг, такое впечатление, что в предыдущем своем сообщении ты сам к себе обратился и задал себе вопрос...


Сообщения:8 606
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Модификация для Total War: Shogun 2: DarthMod обновлена


Сообщения:8 606
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Местоположение: Большие Васюки
Информация мода DarthMod: Shogun II обновлена


Сообщения:8 606
Реакции:5 927
Местоположение: Большие Васюки
Version 2.9 DarthMod: Shogun II
  • Improved the battle animations. (Now the troops will not step back so often and will push forward and knock down more).
  • Removed the collision model "Dynamic Ellipse" and replaced it with "Ellipse". It should have been responsible for FPS decrease. Now the battles look more fluid and the melee much more thrilling.
  • Fine tuned the morale due to the new melee setting.
  • Increased the Genpei ships campaign movement points to encourage AI Naval Invasions and to follow the plain logic that ships should travel faster than the "turtles"
  • Replaced the bow model of Ashigaru and Levy with the DarthMod Special weak bow model (to reflect their lack of training...).
  • Cost of Attendants lowered to compensate the increased unit numbers of the Levy.
  • Increased the minor faction base income to make the Genpei small clans valuable allies or worthy enemies. (Affects Sengoku campaign too).
  • Raiding has now much more impact to trade route income.
  • Added uninstall option before installation to prevent conflict of old files with new.


Сообщения:8 606
Реакции:5 927
Местоположение: Большие Васюки
обновлена версия.
мод DarthMod: Shogun 2 v2.95 в 1-м сообщении


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