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Модификация для Total War: Shogun 2: Realism v. 0.400


General Description

Shogun 2 Realism (S2R for short) is a mod that aims to provide numerous historical and realism tweaks to the Vanilla game. We consider these changes to be a marked improvement over vanilla, while still retaining the many great elements and fun of the vanilla game.

We see our changes as more of a massive gameplay tweak rather than a massive overhaul modification.

Further Explanation
The focus is on combat and gameplay balancing with a degree of historical backgrounds.
What we (high probably) won't do is changing 2d or 3d graphics, sounds whatsoever, as well we have not fiddled with dedicated AI files (and high probably won't). The AI behaviour is partly changed due to impacts by the done alterations.

The changes are in the following departments: Combat, unit costs (slightly), recruitment, unit numbers, researchment effects, building effects; see the actual changelog for other alterations.
That means, this mod should be compatible with the most mods which do not alter the listed things.


# Battles last much longer due to increasing armor and defensive skills vs. attack ratio. This results in more tactical battles, with more maneuvering. Also, the battles are much more fun and interesting to watch because you now have time to see what's happening, before it is over.
# Sieges are more difficult for the attacker.
# Battles better reflect the reality of the Sengoku Jidai period. Armies will be comprised of mostly Ashigaru units, with elite Samurai units being more rare and special.
# Unit sizes are changed to reflect rarity. Example: base Yari Ashigaru unit has 250 men, while a Yari Samurai unit has 80 men (current build, might change somehow).
# Ashigaru's are capable fighters also in melee, trained soldiers with their weapons (no longer weak victims finished in shortest time).
# Routs occur less frequently ( reasoning: high warrior ethos / bushido ).
# Samurai units in particular are now much more important than in vanilla, because they are more rare and truly elite vs. Ashigaru. Losing a Samurai unit will now be a big deal.
# Cavalry and General units tend to be less fragile in comparison to vanilla cavalry, they are now able to show their high value.
# Best visual feature: For the first time, the by CA fantastic done warrior animations are viewable in the battles (contrary to vanilla, where battle fights last seconds, here you watch partly real 1:1 martial art warrior animations).

Changelogs Shogun 2: Realism
S2R v0.300
- All land units have had their main stats significantly changed.
Please see the included excel file for a complete list of these changes. Stat changes can be viewed in game by hovering the mouse over the unit. The in-game wiki manual will still show the old vanilla stats (as this is complete independent from modified files).
- Yari Ashigaru now use the same pike type as Yari Samurai (as historical).
- Added research requirements for elite units.
- Enabled Loan Sword Ashigaru for the single player mode.
- Samurai units have a capped recruitment limit of ten units per type (current build).
- Certain building effects changed, ie. training locations add recruitment slots.
- The conversion to Christianity: The rate has been much reduced to reflect the fact that at the height of christian popularity in Japan, it only accounted for 2% of the population’s belief. But it happens still that a faction converts. (Atm. absolutely wip).
- Some recruitment turns have been changed.
- Katana Samurai undergo a change in its role and name (due to the katana’s historical nature as a side-arm as opposed to a main battle weapon), still in discussion. (WIP)
- Some units get a renaming and description changes (ie. Loan Swordsmen and other). (WIP)
- All matchlock gunpowder units undergo some changes which will reflect their important role in a slightly better way. (WIP)
- Addition of a Naginata Ashigaru unit. (Done)

S2R v0.310 (coding changelog by Agos)
(excel file 0.310 is not complete, to find all changed stats you need to look at the excel 0.300 and 0.310)
- Enabled recruitment of Ronins
- Unit Cap of 2 for Katana and Yari Ronin
- Costs and Upkeep increased for Katana and Yari Ronin
- Katana and Yari Ronin recruitable at Sake Dens and upgrades
- Enabled recruitment of Wakos
- Unit Cap of 3 per Wako unit
- Costs and Upkeep increased for Wakos
- Wakos recruitable at Pirate Lair/Fortress
- Unit Cap for Loan Swordsmen added (15)
- Loan Swordsmen recruitable at Sword School and its upgrades
- Monk Warrior Cavalry enabled for custom battles

S2R v0.330
- Diverse unit stats tweaked.
- Yari units have pikewall attribute available.
- Completely new unit: Naginata Ashigaru added (the very first TWS2 custom unit).
- Loan Swordsmen are capped at 10 units per faction, and now recruitable only with Sword Schools and upgrades.
- Katana Samurai are now capped at 3 per faction, except Shimazu, who gets 5 units (their faction bonus). Katana Cavalry capped at 1 unit per faction.
- Increased garrison forces that are spawned by castles if sieged. 1st and 2nd tier castle buildings spawn additionally 2 Bow Ashigaru (as help for these tiers, this is pretty much wip, garrisons will be adjusted).
- Experience created by buildings has been reduced. Units now gain exp faster from battles (75% of former exp needed for level up).
- Fixed: Yari Ashigaru voice-bug.
- Dojo unit stats adjusted, and included in high tier castle spawns.
- Monk units capped at ten per type.
- Bow Ashigaru take 2 turns to recruit now, while Imported Matchlocks take 1.
... for some more details, look into the coding changelog contained in the release folder.

S2R v0.331
- Bugfixes for v0.330 (No-Dachi, Wako).
changelog since 0.331
- AI should recruit less Archers
- Archers now require Archer Dojos
- tables updated for compatibility with PFM 1.6.4
- bug fix: Hattori Yari Ashigaru have now special training
- new unit: Oda Naginata Ashigaru
- new unit: Hattori Naginata Ashigaru
- new unit: Oda Katana Ashigaru
- new unit: Hattori Katana Ashigaru
- new unit: Shimazu Katana Ashigaru
- Ronins now require Criminal Syndicate or Mizu Shobai buildings
- Naginata Samurai pike wall ability removed
- Yumi Ashigarus recruitable at castle buildings and take 1 turn
- Morale for all ships doubled
- Samurai now require "Way of the ___" tech
- buildings no longer grant xp but unit will level up faster
- campaign map movement points for ships increased by 50%
- Yumi Samurais ammo increased
- Naginata Ashigarus unit card changed (props to JFC)
- running fatigues 33% less
- Rice Exchange no longer require food
- Merchant Guild requires 1 food
- Yumi Samurais range and missile damage increased
- Samurais and Monks have good stamina and inspire nearby units
- Faction specific Samurais/Monks inspire nearby units
- General rebalancing of the units by St. Cyr
- Upgraded recruitment buildings will reduce the recruitment costs
- Ashigarus deployed in mpre ranks by the AI

Установка мода для Total War: Shogun 2: Realism:

1. Открыть папку data игры Total War Shogun 2.
2. Скопировать (или вырезать) файл S2R_vxxxx.pack и вставить в папку data (xxxx stands for the version per published pack)
3. Мод установлен. Запустить игру как обычно.

Important note: Always use the latest .pack file version alone. Remove a former .pack file version from the data folder.

Удаление мода для Total War: Shogun 2: Realism: Удалить файлы модификации из папки data

Скачать мод для Total War: Shogun 2: Realism:
Доступные все версии мода Shogun 2: Realism, начиная с 310:

Shogun 2 Realism_ 0.310.zip (28.8 KB)
S2R_v0.331.rar (91.9 KB)
S2R_v0.340.rar (100.3 KB)
S2R_v0.345.rar (99.7 KB)
S2R_v0.400.rar (85.5 KB)

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да нет. название спец. такое выбрали)
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А что игра будет после установки на английском? или как?


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не знаю. попробуй установить -расскажешь что к чему


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