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Invitations for tournaments Приглашения на зарубежные и отечественные турниры Total War

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Старый 03.09.2011, 18:48   #1
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][GERUDO][Mojoman вне форума
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По умолчанию The STW2 World Cup tournament

You are invited to the STW2 World Cup!

The STW2WC intends to determine the greatest TW-playing nations in the world. Individual players will compete to become their nations' champions, after which the top three players in a nation will form a team to do battle with the champions of other nations.

The tournament is hosted on the Clan Community Central, a gathering place for all TW clans.

Once your account is validated, you can find the registration thread here:

The format of this tournament will depend on the amount of teams that sign up; but we will do our best to ensure that national teams get the chance to play against as many rival nations as possible.

I hope that many BiA players will sign up. :)
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denis-chels (03.09.2011), Garon (03.09.2011), Данир (15.09.2011), Хохол (05.09.2011)
Старый 03.09.2011, 20:28   #2
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По умолчанию

Ребят, запишитесь туда.

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