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Модификации Total War: Shogun 2 Моды Total War: Shogun 2 [Тотальная Война: Сёгун 2]

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По умолчанию [Юниты] модификация Shogun 2 - Loan Sword Ashigaru and No-Dachi Ashigaru

As the title implies, this adds Loan Sword Ashigaru and No-Dachi Ashigaru to the game, both for custom battles as on the campaign map, complete with faction specific versions.

The Loan Sword Ashigaru are already well known from the multiplayer aspect of the game, so I doubt much explanation is needed there. One thing to note is that the Ikko Ikki Loan Sword Ashigaru in this pack are not the Ikko Ikki Loan Sword Ashigaru you normally get in custom battles with the Ikko, I created a new version that fits with their high unit size/lower stats theme.

The No-Dachi Ashigaru are an all new addition to the game, bringing the rage of the No-Dachi Samurai to the early phases of the game.
With a charge bonus and melee attack higher than the Loan Sword Ashigaru they can be a deadly force, but their very low defenses and complete lack of armour(it's literally 0) makes them vulnerable to enemy missile weapons and cavalry charges.
They require a Sword Dojo to create, and are the most expensive kind of Ashigaru. In exchange for that, they are slightly more powerful than a Loan Sword Ashigaru force. Battles between No-Dachi Ashigaru and Loan Sword Ashigaru tend to be pretty even, as long as you can keep your Loan Swords from losing too much morale early on due to the destructive charge.

The NPC will also recruit these new units, changing the early game from a spam of Yari and Bow Ashigaru to more balanced forces, where you need to be prepared to handle a wider variety of challenges.

Let me know what you think!

V3: Both Loan Sword and No-Dachi now need an upgraded castle town to be recruited. No-Dachis till need a sword dojo in addition to this.

Known Issues: For some clan, the unit icon looks like slightly drawn out Bow Ashigaru on the recruitment tab, although it shows up correctly in the recruitment queue and elsewhere on the game.
No idea how to fix this, but it has literally 0 effect on gameplay, aside from being slightly annoying.

Movie file, so just drop in data.


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