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Модификации Total War: Shogun 2 Моды Total War: Shogun 2 [Тотальная Война: Сёгун 2]

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[Глобальный мод] Total War: Shogun 2 - Honour & Glory
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Honour & Glory v. 1.2

Описание Honour & Glory is a mod that changes the things I dislike about Shogun 2. This mod is made for me (and to lesser extend my friend), and hopefully some people see eye to eye with me and enjoy my mod. The mod is always changing depending on what I want to add or remove.

Features Included Features:
  • Better Battles.
  • Improved Economy.
  • Experience is easier to gain.
  • New Units (Naginata Ashigaru, Oda Naginata Ashigaru and Nodachi Warrior Monks)

Features in development/planned to be made:
  • Reworked Units. *Still improving
  • Reworked economy. *Stilling improving
  • Increased research rate
  • More character experience points.
  • Improved AI
  • Improved Diplomacy
  • Lot's of things I've still yet to think of while playing the game

Please Note I started this mod a couple of days ago, for the enjoyment of my friend and more importantly me. Yes this mod is behind in features compared to the popular mods out there; however I'm not trying to compete with them. I just thought other people will also enjoy playing Shogun 2 the way I do.

История версий
Скрытый текст:
Added two (technically three) units. Nodachi warrior monks, Naginata Ashigaru and Oda Naginata Ashigaru.
Changed Unit stats
Changed tax levels -> more money -> more units -> bigger battles
Changed infantry stats, creating a better battle experience (IMO)
Cut the experience threshold in half (land only)

Установка Extract the .rar and move H&G_v#.#.pack (change # with the relevant number) into your Shogun 2 data folder. To uninstall move the .pack out of Shogun 2's data folder.

Разработчики taw - mod tools
Lord Maximus - mod tools
Agostinos - tutorial


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