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1. Deadline - 11.03.13
2. Results of games in a theme

1.Perstwar v JaviRamos1
2.Perstwar v Lisandros1
3.Perstwar v Quetzalcoatl
4.Perstwar v Fire2

1.gasha v JaviRamos3
2.gasha v Lisandros
3.gasha v Quetzalcoatl2
4.gasha v Fire2

1.Nestor v JaviRamos2
2.Nestor v Lisandros1
3.Nestor v Quetzalcoatl1
4.Nestor v Fire1

1.Brunt v JaviRamos
2.Brunt v Lisandros
3.Brunt v Quetzalcoatl
4.Brunt v Fire

1. JaviRamos - Mongols, Byzantium, Denmark, Egypt, Moors, HRE, Milan, Portugal, Sicilia
2. Lisandros - Denmark, Russia, Moors, Milan, Portugal, Scotland
3. Quetzalcoatl - Byzantium, Moors, France
4. Fire - Scotland, Papa, Russia, Portugal, Denmark, Sicilia, Moors, Hre, France

referee - Tetri

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Hello guys I can play every day with 14 00 and to 18 00 GMT.
To whom as it is convenient!?

Эти темы могут быть Вам интересны

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{CORP}_Quetzalcoatl (10.03.2013), {V.O.D}_Fire (06.03.2013)
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Hi guys, I just want to communicate I played my 3 matches vs Gasha and I won 2 -1, but Gasha's win is open to bug discussion... It doesn't matter anymore. I want to say thanks to BiA and specially to Nestor for organizing this tourney. I hope we will meet again in battlefield.
Quetz, your friend.
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Nestor (11.03.2013)
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По умолчанию Thanks

Thank you all BiA, from VOD for making this tourny it was very much fun and hope we can do it again sometime. :)
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Nestor (11.03.2013)
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Аватар для {CORP}_Quetzalcoatl
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Just to fill the record: Factions: Quetz - Gasha
1.-Papal - Russia (win)
2.-HRE - Spain (win)
3.- Portugal - Poland (defeat)
Thank you again. If you want the screenshots I can give them to you. Screenshots Wins are in VOD site:
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Asija-Anatolij (18.03.2013)

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