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Модификации Total War: Shogun 2 Моды Total War: Shogun 2 [Тотальная Война: Сёгун 2]

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По умолчанию [Глобальный мод] Shogun 2 - Lines of Battle

Lines of Battle: Shogun 2

-Made by Josst (THK) and Gunny
Based on Josst's Napoleon: Lines of Battle for NTW

This mod is what i would describe as a small overhaul, it aims to improve the vanilla experience while staying small and accesable though a combination of stat changes and ai changes. It does not add new units however hopefully we can add unit pack compatibility projects for those that want them later.

Old version v.05
- and Unit variety
-Doubles unit sizes
-Nerfs muskets a tad (decreased accuracy)
-Slow down units 25% (balances out lower musket acuracy)
-All factions hopefully playable in custom battle
-Other stat changes to hopefully increase the length of battles

Old Version v.55
-stat changes, battles are now longer, and units balanced better

Old Version v1.00
-Better AI
-Black ship and caravel now available to Portuguese faction in Custom naval battle
-Castle slots now come one castle type earlier
-Other upgrades and changes to make battles and troop experience better

Old Version: v1.5
-Stat changes (namely much better morale)
-Naval overhaul (Ships slower, better morale, etc.)
-New loading screens courtesy of LuckyLewis, MaxMazi, General Britainnicus, theatroN, and MorganH.


Current Version: v2.0
-Improved the AI a bit (stops the ikko ikki being quite so rampant, helps Oda survive, rebalances autoresolve, etc.)
-No more missing hand bug
-should be fully functional with the latest patch

Simply make sure you have no other conflicting mods (unit packs are compatible but will be hightly outclassed, overhauls are almost certainly not) and extract the files from the .rar (using a program like
7zip or winrar) the to your data folder. You do not need to edit your user script.

Ashigaru pictures

Samurai pictures

Cavalry pictures

Naval Crew pictures


Any Feedback Greatly Appriciated!

Note that I jsut messed up the screenshots section, will fix... later :P
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