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TWH - Shogun 2 Project
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Gwyndane Gwyndane вне форума 29.08.2016, 18:22
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Fellow TW fans!

I would like to bring to your attention the possibility of a Shogun 2 tournament - one that is professionally run and just as fun as competitive! Our idea is to import the 'The Great Games' tournament format, and run a similar competition on Shogun 2.

To very briefly describe the TGG format: it is a team based tournament, where teams play a mix of 1v1 and 2v2 battles, with different rule-sets. The RTW community is a unique environment, with many rule-sets that are competitively played, thus the TGG system is great fun. Currently, on the first season, teams play 2x1v1 CWB rules, 2x1v1 CoN rules, 2x2v2 31K rules. I know these abbreviations probably mean nothing to most of you, but consider something similar for Shogun 2: 2x 2v2 with classic with avatar armies, 2x 1v1 FoTS armies, 2x 1v1 classic armies, no avatars. The options are almost endless! Of course, everyone is welcomed to chime in, and discuss which format/rule-set would be most fun/competitive.

The current RTW TGG is a community event, that encourages players to actually participate, and play all their games. To facilitate this, several medals and honors are given out each round/at the end of the tournament. Statistics are kept for both players and teams. Commentaries and streams are organized. Here are just a few team symbols that I created for the current teams:

I would do something similar for a Shogun 2 tournament, with a Japanese twist of course.

Al in all, the purpose of this event/tournament would be to encourage people to play Shogun 2 games, to help organize competitive and fun games, to stream/showcase quality battles between Total War's top players. If we can get around 8 teams that can guarantee that they will be active, I promise to work hard and make this tournament a reality.

If this peaked your interest, please let me know if anyone would be interested in joining such an event! Also, if you have suggestions regarding the tournament's format and/or rules, please post here, or on the Total War Hub.
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