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Модификации Total War: Shogun 2 Моды Total War: Shogun 2 [Тотальная Война: Сёгун 2]

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По умолчанию [Глобальный мод] Shogun 2 - Sengoku Mod



- overhaul the Christian system in the game
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These features are pretty inspired by Otomo Clan History

- After converted You can recruit 1 Missionary right away by the Nanban trade port
This should reflect some history too (You know Francis Xavier came to japan by ship :laughter:)
and should help you convert some of your provinces.

- Nanban Trade ship is capped to 1 (This unit is far too powerful and a game breaking unit )

- Encouraged Christian Daimyo to rely more on foreign trade
- capped the nanban ship
- Nanban port give you foreign trade bonus (Trade nodes)
- Cheaper Nanban Quartre but it now requires 1 food (Nanban have to eat too )

- optimize recruitment system
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Clan specialized unit take less time to build and reduced some requirement

- Mori can build Sengoku Brune early on ( Vanilla: port lvl.3 Sen : port lvl.2 )
- Uesegi can build Naginata Warior Monk with out Naginata Dojo (Bow Monk remain Vanilla)
- Tokugawa and Hattori can recruit Kisho Ninja early on ( Vanilla: lvl 3 Sen : lvl 2 )
- Chosokabe less time on Bow Samurai
- Oda remain the same (their trait is already powerful)
- Shimazu less time on Katana Samurai
- Date can recruit Nodachi Samurai early on ( Vanilla: sword lvl 2 Sen: sword lvl 1 )
- Takeda can recruit Bow Cavalry with out Archery Dojo (other cavalry remain the same)

- Add new unit

- Household Samurai
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Uploaded with

60 men on large
capped to 2 unit
All clan can build it from any castles
Their role are a bit like Samurai Retainers

I just got bored of full stack of ashigaru army in the begining, This will add some more variety.

- Add more garrison to the castle

- Extend the end game year

- Add more building slot to the castle by 1

lvl 1 castle Vanilla 1 building slot Sen 2 building slots
.... so on

- No more rediculous Realm Divide

- Warrior Monks no longer wear Sashimono (Flag on their back)
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Uploaded with

- Slower Unit Movement

- Wako ships has cheap upkeep so capturing them are now useful

- Remove Projectile trail (Laser Bullet)

Note : I didn't change the unit combat stat because I think it's pretty fine
as the way it is in the Vanilla.


just put the pack file in your Shogun data folder and you're ready to go

All ideas are welcome but I might not be here for a while because my school is opening.


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