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Модификации Total War: Shogun 2 Моды Total War: Shogun 2 [Тотальная Война: Сёгун 2]
Compatible with almost any other mod including Darthmod, all in one and NER

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[Глобальный мод] Shogun 2 - Universal Ai Mod
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Earth2Space Earth2Space вне форума 25.06.2011, 20:02
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v. 2.2

Fully compatible with Darthmod, Shogun Realism, All in One and TROM3( Even if Yarkis says it is not rest assured it is)!
Most complete Ai overhaul currently available for Shogun 2!

It probably wont go anywhere but im doing it to prove a point, because i want to and because i do it for myself (and because everyone else thus far has been doing it wrong in my opinion).
So whats this? Well its a continuation of my but this time around its cai only (largelly so as to be compatible with 90% of major overhauls).

Fixed the ai recruiting very few naginata samurai and monks late game
Decreased naval spending
Other mine tweaks

Bugfix, thanks to Vragos for this
Increased ai cavalry recruitment and generally improved force compositions slightly

16 beta versions while i was away later and a major ai breakthrough and i end up with this. This log is by no means complete due to the shear mass of changes.
Majors are now far more dominant, i can almost gaurentee 10/11 alive by turn 30
Ikko Ikki expansion randomised
Oda/tokogawa survival randomised
Improved Ai base building logic
Improved ai attack logic
Improved force composition, noticed lack of cav so improved this.
Minor factions rebalanced
Ai more likely to take trade nodes and raid trade routes
Ai builds more ports, upgrades goldmines faster
Ai will favour weaponsmiths over armourers
Screenshots and log (look at the minimaps)
Скрытый текст:

Ai force compositions

1.5 beta

1.7 beta

2.0 beta, im the ikko ikki generally being skinned

Notice the mori, oda, shimazu, hojo, takeda, hattori, chosokabe, date and uesegi (just hanging on near the ikko ikki) are still alive in 1549

Notice the hojo starting to dominate, hattori also doing well, uesegi bouncing back a little, chosokabe almost captured their island

Hojo dominant in the east, mori and shimazu in the west. Hattori in the center being invaded by chosokabe as they seige kyoto. Takeda destroyed as are uesegi.

Takeda rebellion, chosokabe invade mainland big time, oda begins to expand, i get crushed.


Ai destroyed me in 40 turns, all you need to know
More swords
more farms
Greater defensive manouevers
more fun

Should have fixed up building priorities nicely, cai will build fewer yari dojo's, more bow and sword dojo's. If it does build a yari dojo it will rapidly upgrade to naginata once it has the techs.
Tweaked tech priorities.
Changed many behavior junctions to try and make it trade more
More aggressive navaly
Should defend better
Should offer more marriages

Fixed an issue with ashikaga shogunate-no more ramant expansionism
Majors should be more dominant buuut the bdi still messes them over particulaarly oda and shimazu
Renamed some more tables-greater compatibility

Fixed Ai Farm Building (hopefully)
Rebalanced Katana Samurai again
Improved Major Faction survivability (hopefully)
Added a visual installation indicator to the main menu (see if you can spot it :P)
Slight tech tree priority changes

Changes v0.2->v0.55 (several builds went unreleased resulting in the version increase)
-Much Better ai building- should build bigger castles and better buildings in a better order
-Better ai technology management
-Tweaked (again) force composition
-Naval trade nodes more important to the ai now
-Aggression, reliabilty and build policies changed for many factions to make them more survivable
-Agent policies improved
-Likelyhood of the ai recruiting matchlocks improved
-Katana samurai will now be recruited more often than other types of samurai (they are the best :))

And because i like to back up my claims in there spoiler are some pics i took in my last test campaign.
Скрытый текст:

-Changed Ai building priorities, bases should be more varied and dynamic, should help recruitment somewhat too.
-Fiddled autoresolve and such
-Cai priority changes made
-Compatibility with other mods maximised (should affect the ai only now)
-Force compositions tweaked slightly

-Reduced aggression of ai somewhat (i found it too high, made the ai vulnerable).
-Change defence distributions
-Changed agent aggressiveness
-Massive recruitment priorites rejig, see spoiler to see the sorta armies the ai now recruits (no archer spam!) also notice a couple of rarer units such as no dachi samurai too :). These sorta of armies are now the norm.

Скрытый текст:

-Diplomacy rejig, eg less ridiculous realm divide.
-Naval priorites rejig, should go for trade nodes more, should recruit more balanced fleets (eg no sengoga bune spams anymore).
-Rebalenced the autoresolver
-Made the ai plough more money into its economy so it develops more (and attempted to make it recruit more trade ships)
And lotsa stuff i forgot, and probably some bits from the napoleon one, you never know.

Извлечь архив в ...\total war shogun 2\data

Known compatible:
Total Realism
Unknown but most likely:
All other mods
Any affirmations on other compatibilities would be most appreciated.

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