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Модификации Rome: Total War Моды Рим: Тотальная война

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Модификация Rome: Total War - Rome Total Realism VII
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Модификация Rome: Total War - Rome Total Realism VII

RTRVII Concepts The Rome Total Realism team is proud to announce the release of RTRVII. This is the third and final part of the RTRVII project, which started with the release of RTR: The Iberian Conflict (TIC), in January 2008, was followed by RTRVII: Fate of Empires (FOE), in November 2009, and now reaches its culmination here, in RTRVII.

It is with great pride that we present this project to the greater community. Total War Center has been a marvellous home and has been central to the development of this mod. Without the insight of our friends, fans, and partners this project would not be as great as it is today. The developers of this mod thoroughly enjoyed each and every step of the process which led to the culmination of our efforts. We hope that you, as the player, will have as much fun playing, as we had developing RTRVII.
The Map The RTR VII map is essentially an extension of the map from RTR VII: Fate of Empires. The map extends north and encompasses all of Gaul, while extending east to the Black Sea. South of the Balkans there is Greece, and east of the Aegean Sea there is Ionia. All the regions from RTRVII: FOE (Iberian, North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Epirus, and Southern Gaul) will be included.

The intention of the RTR VII map is to explore the Western Mediterranean in great detail. We hope to provide the player with an immersive and unique experience that accurately represents the geopolitical situation during the time period.
The Factions
Dynasty of Aiakides
Independent Dynasties
Independent City-States
Dynasty of Antigonos
League of Aitolia
City-State of Sparta
Republic of Carthago
Kingdom of the Illyrioi
Confederacy of the Lusitani
Kingdom of the Arverni
Barbarian Tribes
Kingdom of the Aedui
Confederacy of the Getai
League of Achaia
Kingdom of the Massyli
Kingdom of the Norici
Confederacy of the Celtiberi
Dynasty of Attalos
Free Peoples

New Features
Strat Map The new strategy map is based around the concept of detail and quality. From the outset of the development process, the intent of the developers was to create an immersive environment in which the player can manage his empire in a historically accurate setting. This means that the RTRVII map has been "zoomed in" in order to create a more detailed environment.

Players should also notice that there are many unique elements to RTRVII that are very rare amongst other mods. Nearly all of the models on the campaign map have been redone, including the settlements and naval vessels. The RTRVII strategy map bears almost no resemblance to RTR 6 or Vanilla. The new map truly is a piece art which we are sure our fans will enjoy.

MES RTR VII will use a polished version of the economical system which you will already have used in RTRVII: Fate of Empires. This means that you will have to make important choices, which will influence the further development of a settlement.

Every region has certain resources, around which the economical system has been set up. Once you have gained access to a resource, you will be able to use it in that particular region to build up an industry. In other regions you will be able to do this too, but then you'll first have to construct an 'import building'. Each economical building tree has specific bonusses, and as your settlement grows you will be able to develop more industries. Like this, it's up to you what you want your economy to look like!

Spies The use of spies has been completely revamped in RTR VII, which adds a new tactical dynamic to the game. A freshly recruited spy will have different functions, which you will have to utulise to fully benefit from them. In his home settlement, a spie will provide stability bonusses. However, in adjacent regions he will cause unrest and help to integrate a newly conquered region into your empire.

Roman Leadership System The Roman Leadership System implemented in Rome Total Realism VII is based on the Cursus Honorum of ancient Rome. Players utilizing the Romans will notice that each family member is designated a role. These family members will be best suited to preform assignments and duties that they would have been presented with during the time of the Roman Republic. All family members are capable of climbing the Cursus Honorum, however they will be need to accomplish historical requirements before they can climb each rank.

Family members with different roles will have different abilities. For example, Praetors will hold imperium within friendly provinces, but not outside of Roman territory. Aediles will have administrative abilities within settlements, but not outside of settlements. This means that different family members will be more suited to accomplish a task than others.

The system will consist of two parts: a trait and an ancillary. When a family member becomes eligible for a certain office, a trait telling so will appear. To actually benefit from it, he will have to travel to Rome itself to get the ancillary connected to the trait. When the character is in an area which is part of his imperium, for instance when a new aedilis gets into a settlement, the combination will start working. This is visible through a trait and the fact that a character gets command, management and influence bonusses connected to his office.

Установка Rome Total Realism VII
  1. Установить Rome Total War.
  2. Установить дополнение Barbarian Invasion.
  3. Установить патч BI v1.6.
  4. Скачать и установить RTRVII в папку Rome - Total War.
RTRVII установится в отдельную папку и не изменит оригинальные файлы игры.

Скачать Rome Total Realism VII


RTR VII HotFix 1

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