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Only 1v1 battles.
1. Grassy Flat
2. Unrestricted Camera
3. Normal Unit Size
4. Normal Difficulty
5. 10000 florins
6. High era
7. 6/2 cav max no art/ele
8. Afternoon, sunny and clear weather condition
9. Redline camping is forbidden. Minimal distance from redline is equal to line of 3 cavalry units.
10. Cavbug (pushthrough) in any aspects is strictly forbidden including infantry.
Every player can use any faction only once, except the final games if itwill.
The clan who gets more victories will be considered a winner. If match goes to tie, 2 best fighters will play each other in best of 3 matches. Every clan chooses final participants.
If someone violences any rule, both players must decide this problem togetherindependently.

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