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Total War: Shogun 2
Total War: Shogun 2 [Тотальная Война: Сёгун 2] - видео, скриншоты и обсуждения Total War: Shogun 2

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Некоторые индивидуумы получили возможность опробовать Total War: Shogun 2, и вот достаточно интересный отзыв о Total War: Shogun 2.

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Hey everyone. I was one of the lucky few here able to get a chance to see Shogun 2 on the Sega Community Day. I know that a couple other members have already shared there experience, and I believe that more will soon, but I thought I would write a less concrete and technical impression of the game. So here tis.

For a lot of members here, Empire raised serious questions about the direction and inspiration behind the "new" Total War games. Perhaps we were not used to the gunpowder, perhaps the world was too big, perhaps Steam was too restrictive. For some reason, or a million different reasons, we did not like Empire. At least, not in the way that we liked the older games. Empire was a great game, and most people loved the new naval engine, but the new gunpowder-centric battles unmasked AI problems and engine shortcomings which were at least largely "hidden" in the melee games. The community reeled and CA responded, focusing their efforts more on the multiplayer and scripted parts of the game. Tada, we had Napoleon. Napoleon was in many ways similar to BFBC2. The campaign was fun, but the game really seened to be designed for multiplayer. Perhaps a little unfairly (but we felt justified), we the community came back once more. We wanted the campaign focus back. We couldn't remember our generals names. The campaign AI was too scripted. The diplomacy sucked. We all just ended up playing multiplayer battles like we were supposed to, and it pissed us off.

We scared CA. They played catch up. Kieran is a really charismatic guy. They promised mod tools, they patched the game. Some of us became believers again. We thought: "Maybe they just didn't have the AI ready for gunpowder. The return to the melee games will be just like Rome with awesome graphics. I can't wait!"

I think the problem with Empire and Napoleon was a crisis of priorities. CA was testing the mainstream multiplayer/scripted-campaign waters, and wasn't sure if it wanted to dive in. They didn't know what we wanted. We didn't know what we wanted. The result was two games which tried to exist in two seperate worlds and which hold up well but perhaps not amazingly. Better than most games? Sure. Total war standards? Hardly.

So what happened? A quick disclaimer is that I did not see the campaign. I really was only able to play the scripted tutorial battles and multiplayer games (which by the way were amazing). That being said, I will now attempt to read between the lines of all that I have seen.

I wanted the game to return to its roots. I wanted to get my general elected to office. I wanted to have a diverse array of cultures. A huge map. I wanted Rome 2.0. I wanted CA to take a step back out of water onto familiar ground. This I did not get. What I did get was a compelling counterargument. I came back from Sega in SF feeling that I had received none of the answers that I had wanted, and yet that I was completely satisfied.

Am I slamming the game? Not even a little. In most instances, I usually think we the players usually have a better idea of what the game needs than the developers. In this case, I think CA might actually be right. What they have given us is a game that stands apart from the rest of the series and yet holds together perfectly. Empire and Napoleon were the awkward adolescent years of the series, bridging the old-new divide; Shogun 2 looks to be a game that has come into its own. The single player and multiplayer parts of the game now seem to be somewhat interwoven. Achievements in the campaign now seem to translate to new gizmos in multiplayer battles. Multiplayer general's stars are out as the sole MP metric. In is an entirely redesigned multiplayer system complete with clan warring, customizable generals and units and unit bonus achievements. If you loved equipping a ship in Eve or earning new guns in BFBC2, Shogun 2 scratches that OCD-Ikea-like itch perfectly. The battles themselves are good. The few unit types actually makes the MP seem more like chess than a modern video game. Shogun 2 is a strategy game at its very heart. Rock-paper-scissors meets Feudal Japan on crack. Customizable unit gear and veteran units that can be carried across multiple engagements have brought the best aspects of the campaign feeling to multiplayer games. Multiplayer now feels like a campaign. A better chat room is also in, and, don't quote me, I think maybe a little social networking bent.

I may have put you off. You may be deciding now that your worst fears are confirmed, and that the series really has gone south. You have not seen the game (most likely). Honestly, you need to play it to understand it. Historical accuracy has lost in large part to mainstream gaming, but to be honest, I no longer miss it. Shogun does feel a little more arcade like than previous titles (for example buildings now give your whole army bonuses when captured), but it works. Chess would not be chess if the creators had striven for historical accuracy. I think that is a good analogy to draw here. After playing the game for even two hours, I can't help but think that maybe our requirements were unsatisfiable or wrong. The Creative Assembly is making a game, not a BBC documentary. They haven't managed to create the historically perfect, breakthrough artificially intelligent, fully moddable game that we at the forums felt we required. What they have given us is a game with few visible seams. It has the immersive and competitive qualities of Starcraft 2. As a strategy game, it may be unrivaled. It has the battles we've always loved, in the time period we always loved. It has the almost Barbie-like customization that we have always wanted deep down. Shogun 2 is a powerful mainstream strategy game that really works. Shogun 2 finally shows us CA's priorities, and I can't say that I disagree.

And unless Kieran and I had some sort of miscommunication, Ken Watanabe (last samurai, inception) did the voice modeling.
edit: Okay I've sorted out the mix-up.

The guy who is doing the voiceover, Togo Igawa, was also in The Last Samurai (lol). When I had asked Kieran if Ken Watanabe was duing the voiceover, he had replied "it's that guy from the last samurai", I had taken that as an affirmation and all the guys in the room excepting Kieran "cheered". Wow, coincidences and misunderstandings, eh?

Sorry for any false hope, I probably did the worst number on myself. He does sound alot like Ken Watanabe...

Кто сможет - переведите для всех и разместите сюда.

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